IOT in Retail Industry | inventory, cold chain monitoring

The need for IOT in retail inventory management – The need to save on operating expenses has become critical for business units to stay alive. Helping small businesses & franchisees in tough times. Great monitoring tools that help food centers, laboratories, pharmacies, clinics, wellness centers, minimarts, restaurants, cold storage, etc improve efficiency and save cost using easy to deploy wireless sensors and the interactive monitoring software with dashboard alerts from IoT companies with proven expertise in both, hardware and software integration. Some iot examples are given here.

IoT in retail Inventory management

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  • Easy to deploy automation solution for the retail sector
  • No wiring needed to deploy. Install in under 30 minutes
  • Ensure the longevity of perishable goods by monitoring temperature & humidity
  • Non contact body temperature monitoring for customers and staff
  • Dashboard software & visusalisation tools
  • Alerts on abnormal conditions of coolers, HVAC, Refrigerators. freezers
  • Ensure well being of customers & staff by monitoring air quality
  • Alerts on the door opening, break-ins for audit & security purposes
  • Monitor power outages and save your perishable inventory
  • Noncontact attendance of staff using tags
  • SMS and e.mail notifications whenever abnormal conditions occur.
  • Daily and weekly summary by e.mail when owner is away

IOT in delivery tracking 

Integrating Teltonika Blue mov can help provide the customer with the required transparency on the temperature levels from pickup and delivery. Apart from the normal measures, our solutions can also ascertain whether the packet went through some rough handling by the delivery team. iot in manufacturing follows similar models.

IOT in pharmacies

At the heart of all these productivities, safety and tracking solutions are the IOT starter kit which is cloud-enabled software for the owner to monitor all parameters on a near to real-time basis. Reduced worries and a happy weekend with the family. iot in pharmaceutical industry for cold chain traceability.

IOT in laboratories

Monitoring temperature and humidity. Our solutions are deployed using Bluetooth low-energy sensors that provide accurate data (+/- .05) at 5-minute intervals. Completely waterproof (IP 68) for deployment inside cold storage, pharmacies, laboratories, clean rooms, etc. They have a battery life of up to 10 years to ensure the lowest cost of maintenance.

IOT in food industry

Implement farm to fork monitoring to maintain the taste of food served on the table. Ready to deploy solutions for restaurants and gourmet food chains to ensure the traceability of farm produce. A power failure, a sudden rise in temperature, or a door kept open can spoil the farm produce, and cost money, and reputation. 

IOT in retail inventory management – security, safety, monitoring

Power monitoring

The current monitoring sensor enables measurement of consumption and utilization monitoring, apart from brownouts. While equipment utilization alerts will help you to stop worrying about regular maintenance and change of filters etc.

Outage alerts

The importance of monitoring power outages in the retail industry during natural disasters and force majeure clauses. The cost of damaged goods due to current failure would run into thousands of dollars for small businesses.

Freezer monitoring

The coin-size sensors are apt gadgets that can be fitted on entry and exit doors to doors of refrigerators and deep cold chain equipment that are operated by consumers. An absent-minded lot might leave them open to cause a drain on your power bills and equipment damages.

Intruder detection

Intruder detection & abnormal operations in pharmacies. Although safety and security systems are installed at pharmacies, laboratories, clean rooms, etc, unusual openings and movement of people can easily be detected using our door open detection sensors.

IOT in the retail industry – pharmacies, laboratories

Industry experts have been talking about the Industrial Internet of Things, well, since the Internet. But it’s taken us almost 20 years since that time to get to where we can start talking about deploying affordable real solutions and real value. Part of the challenge has been on the technology side, just figuring out mobile and internet-connected beacon devices to start with, followed by no code sensor data visualization and notification tools and big data analytics. And part of it has been maturing to the point that there are enough IOT devices out there to where people can start experimenting at a scale that shows what the technology is truly capable of.

Ripples IOT in retail inventory management

Ready to deploy solutions for IOT in laboratories
The advantage is that our solutions can be installed with zero wiring – which means you save additional costs on installation – wiring, certification, etc. We have affordable solutions that are easy to deploy, low on maintenance, and start paying back on your investment from day one.  Bluetooth mesh beacons are available globally, shipped from our Singapore office, and through our partners in Ghana, Singapore, Zimbabwe, Malaysia etc.

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