Internet of Things (IoT) in Logistics Industry

Ripples IoT in Logistics management

Sunline group China deploys Ripples-FMS logistics software !!

The logistics industry consisting of freight forwarding, CEP, shipping, trucking, air, rail, etc is highly competitive, runs with lower margins, and is asset-intensive making it a low ROIC business. Above all this the dependency on human resources and geographies to cover impose huge challenges on the industry. Huge losses of revenue due to human negligence, theft of consignments, spares, tires, trucks, and damage to highly delicate and high-value cargo are common. For example, the cases of the entire trailer being hijacked in Europe, consignments being tampered with during transit in Africa, spares, and diesel being stolen in developing nations, etc. 

IOT in logistics management

Investing in technology that gives the business an edge in the market is one way to beat the competition and improve ROIC. Constantly monitored fleets and consignments will provide confidence to clients to use them for transporting their high-value consignments. Connected trucks and warehouses provide the transparency needed by the logistic providers to optimize and streamline their last-mile operations. Asset tracking solution for logistics management can help reduce theft, improve load utilization, space management and workplace safety.

RFID in logistic management

Ripples RFID for logistics management enables remote tracking of trucks and consignments providing supply chain visibility. The devices used can continuously log the data or can be integrated with the GPS/GPRS system for real-time data logging.

  • Real-time consignment monitoring
  • Real-time truck monitoring
  • Real Cold storage monitoring
  • Continuous data logging
  • Instant alert on theft or abuse
  • Indoor positioning & tracking
  • In transit pallet and bin tracking
  • RFID asset inventory tracking

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