How to deploy the best RTLS solutions in indoor farms

RipplesIPS RTLS solutions for agriculture industry, indoor farm

Ripples IoT solutions in agriculture industry

Easy to deploy RTLS solutions in the agriculture industry

Agriculture, Indoor farm management – greenhouses, hydroponic farms, aquaponics.. the growing list of high-tech farms needs to improve worker discipline, safety, machine downtime tracking and compliance aspects with the help of indoor farm monitoring solutions that will ultimately help in improving productivity. Our RTLS solutions on a mesh network for farm worker tracking, asset maintenance & inventory management solutions are easy to deploy and do not require any cabling or frequent battery changes using vertical farm management.

Employee tracking, farming crops

With the advent of lower powered RTLS devices, it has become easier and affordable for the farm-to-fork logistics and infrastructure providers to monitor and track the location of perishable / high-value cargo and equipment and its operating environment can be transmitted on ePaper on an hourly basis to a central station. We deploy RTLS beacons and integrated logistics tracking to make your life easier, apart from measuring employee productivity.

Indoor farm inventory tracking

Ready to deploy RTLS solutions in agriculture comprising of waterproof sensors to detect temperature humidity, pressure, location, intruder detection and movement, inventory tracking with integrated dashboard software to track the movement of fertilisers, finished goods and contract workers. For last-mile fulfillment, 3G / 4G transmission devices can be permanently fitted on trucks, and vegetable trays to regularly monitor their temperature humidity & GPS coordinates. A central login portal allows easy tracking of the location of these assets on a digital map. Our asset-tracking RTLS starter kit is worth the investment.

  • Farm-to-fork tracking of vegetable produce using RTLS in agriculture.
  • Cold chain monitoring in Agriculture industry distribution
  • Supply of food and perishable material
  • Farm machine breakdown tracking
  • Diary products transported across multiple geographies
  • Onsite equipment in logistics yard management, and Shipping industries
  • RTLS dashboards for remote monitoring in indoor farms