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As an industrial indoor tracking solution provider, we offer you a combination of world-class industrial grade devices and software technologies to address your automation requirements. Ripples can be provided as an on-premise or cloud-based solution according to your specific requirements.

  • Prevent customers from getting lost while designing their IoT projects.
  • Choose the right hardware and software components in a simple process.
  • Ready to Use Only certified products. CE / FCC / IC.
  • Integrated Solutions, device management & dashboards

The fourth industrial revolution has well and truly arrived. This fusion of technologies has bridged the gap between the physical and digital worlds and is radically changing the way asset management is perceived across industries.  Industry 4.0 is currently being adopted across industries to monitor the valuable assets, do proactive maintenance, track workforce, and assess their operational efficiency to create SMART businesses globally.

For manufacturers, Industry 4.0 technologies deliver asset intelligence where data from their entire range of equipment and machinery are connected in real-time, visible to workers and other systems. Full-scale implementations of Industry 4.0 solutions come with a hefty price and you may never be able to foresee the scalability factor and the quality of the solution in the long run.  The need of the hour is to have a try and test solution that fits your budget and time frame.

Our Indoor tracking solutions & dashboard software

Ripples IOT on-premise application consists of an indigenously built IOT gateway which connects the different sensor devices such as temperature, humidity, ambient light, vibration, and asset tracking tags to the high-performance application developed using proven, industry-standard frameworks.  The Industrial Internet Consortium strongly advocates for open standard technologies in order to ease the deployment of connected technologies.

The gateway allows real time streaming of data from connected objects which get processed by the IOT application. The on-premise and cloud-enabled application offer a dashboard for data visualisation and comparison. The devices employed for data capturing are also managed using our application with API calls for connecting with existing ERP solutions.

For advanced data analytics and predictive analytics, our Industrial indoor tracking solutions collaborates with leading IOT data analytics platforms, and M2M frameworks. Read more about the Benefits of IOT dashboard software

IOT Device management & data

Building use cases, data acquisition, and interpretation for business impact are the major deliverables of IoT solution provider. Since predictive analytics are thoroughly based on the data captured using various devices, the reliability of indoor tracking sensor end devices and gateways are of paramount importance. Being an IoT solution provider for the manufacturing and logistics industries, we took extra attention in selecting the IoT devices for Ripples IoT. Our experts have traveled across the globe to identify the right technologies to build them.

The smart devices, that are an integral part of Industrial IoT Solutions are of industrial grade. These devices are tried and proven in various use cases such as anti-theft in moving trucks, equipment condition monitoring, and are widely accepted by manufacturers and logistic providers.

Indoor tracking solutions with RipplesIOT

Ripples IOT ready to deploy asset monitoring kit allow you to pilot run our solution at your work premises at a very affordable cost. Now you can track the worker’s movements, ensure their safety through connected vests & helmets, monitor equipment location & usage, and detect abuse & theft of machinery and materials with the help of our asset monitoring solution.

This innovative asset monitoring kit is a scale down version of a full-scale industrial deployment, which means as the business builds understanding of the benefits, the system can be upgraded by adding licenses, sensors, and gateway units.

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