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Ripples IoT platform for indoor location tracking in factories, warehouses, logistics yards

Ripples indoor tracking IOT platform

Ripples Industrial IOT services company Singapore, India

Indoor location tracking

How can an IOT platform track an indoor location in factories, warehouses, workshops, and hospitals? Our ready-to-deploy indoor positioning systems for local tracking & digital Twin deployment. Warehouse monitoring, healthcare workflows, production workflow tracking & warehouse asset inventory management.  

Great shop floor sensor data visualization tools for cloud & on-premise deployment. Improve workplace safety & productivity. Monitoring production shop floor, group tracking of workers, and asset inventory.

 5+ years of expertise in Indoor positioning systems and IoT Platform as a service. 100+ projects globally. 

  • Hospital asset tracking systems can save lives. Workshop at a leading medical center
  • Deploys food cold chain traceability solutions for a leading dairy product manufacturer
  • Schlumberger UAE deploys Ripples indoor positioning system for production inventory tracking
  • Bluetooth beacon tracking system for NUS research labs in Singapore
  • Finalist at 3rd Smart Building Smart Construction Innovation World Cup®
  • 2021 February Webinar on indoor tracking & smart monitoring 
  • Signed MOU with Softbank for the supply of IAQ solutions
  • Dell EMC partner. IOT-embedded workshops held in Malaysia and Thailand
  • Feb 2020 – Hosted the Dell EMC Webinar for ecosystem partners @Singapore
  • Webinar 2020 on Smart hospitals, warehouse optimization, construction safety

IOT platform services company

Digital twin indoor positioning systems in healthcare, location tracking solution provider – the global arm of Software Associates Info Tech Pvt Ltd, founded in 1991 by experts in the field of Information Technology, has an established Research and Development team in India. In the year 2014, we started the indoor positioning with IOT development solutions wing for industrial monitoring, Indoor positioning, inventory tracking, data visualization, and indoor location tracking using Bluetooth proximity beacons, using globally adopted indoor positioning technologies, as mandated by the Industrial Internet of things (IIC) council.

Key contacts

  • Duleep Sahadevan – Product management
  • Fahim Thimoor  – Pre-sales consulting
  • Rahul Rajeev – Product engineering & deployment

We serve over 400 customers spread across Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, Australia, and the USA, backed by a close-knit team of 50+ people, onsite & offshore across India, Asia Pacific, and Africa regions. Our leadership team brings expertise in business consulting and advisory roles in the private and government space.

Ripples IOT Pte ltd, Vanguard campus, Kallang, Singapore

As the technology landscape started changing, Software Associates, among the pioneers in adopting technology trends, started investing in industrial IOT prototyping services from 2014 onwards. 

Ripples IOT platform service company India – indoor positioning systems – asset inventory tracking

We build the Indoor location tracking tags, firmware, and device management software for Bluetooth mesh, integrating cloud-enabled indoor location tracking, asset tracking in hospitals, Indoor Air Quality, industrial monitoring software, and data visualization tools

As a complete IOT solution provider, our team brings considerable expertise built over the last few years in problem-solving space, and device management, and has provided solutions in the areas of indoor positioning, supply chain, cold chain, industrial monitoring, and workplace safety. Our indoor air quality monitoring kits were recently showcased at an Omron partner event. SensorVision IOT sensor data platform integrating devices from different vendors to provide secure data analytics and rule engine-based alerts.

IOT services in hospital asset tracking, smart manufacturing, warehouse management

Our Internet of things (IOT) team brings nearly 7 years of hands-on experience in deploying Indoor positioning & monitoring for smart warehouses, factories, etc. Hospital Asset tracking, IOT platform comprising of custom-built indoor tracking tags & patient tracking tags, sensor devices, off the shelf sensors, Teltonika cold chain traceability for monitoring, the configuration on the cloud, data visualization, and anomaly detection.

Our expertise in customer experience management solutions extends to building low-powered, low-maintenance sensor modules, device management gateways, integration firmware, and the all-important software & sensor data visualization dashboard software for IOT platform  which performs indoor location tracking and monitoring for assets, inventory, workforce, workflow..

Overseas office – Level 6, Vanguard Campus, 1 Kallang Jct Singapore

Ripples IOT platform services team is at trade shows and conferences worldwide – such as Sensor Expo, IOT solutions world Congress, IOT Asia Singapore, Messe Hannover, Agritechnica Hannover, Mobile World Congress, MWC Barcelona, Transport Logistics Munich, Electronica, Medica Dusseldorf, Particle world Boston, DELL IOT Webinars, Wirepas IOT starter kit workshop, etc

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Ripples IoT platform for Indoor positioning solutions, worker safety, inventory management, production floor tracking
Ripples IoT sensor data visualisation and notification software

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