How to deploy IoT platform for asset inventory management

Ripples IOT platform for asset management & inventory management

Ripples IOT platform for asset management, asset tracking

IoT platform for asset management, inventory management

  • Improved navigation: An IoT platform for asset management and inventory management can provide accurate and real-time location information, which can help users navigate indoors more easily and efficiently.

  • Increased safety and security: IPS can help organizations monitor and track the movement of people and assets, which can improve safety and security in indoor environments.

  • Enhanced customer experience: IPS can provide personalized and location-based services to customers, such as targeted promotions or recommendations, which can enhance the overall customer experience.

  • Optimized resource utilization: IPS can help organizations optimize the use of their resources, such as equipment, inventory, and personnel, by providing real-time location data.

  • Increased efficiency and productivity: IPS can reduce the time and effort required to locate assets and and inventory management, which can increase efficiency and productivity in various industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics.

  • Improved analytics: IPS can provide valuable data on customer behavior, asset utilization, and indoor traffic patterns, which can be used to optimize operations and improve decision-making.

Overall, deploying an IPS can result in significant benefits for organizations, including improved navigation, increased safety and security, enhanced customer experience, optimized resource utilization, increased efficiency and productivity, and improved analytics.

Ready to deploy IoT platform for asset management with data visualization tools and data analytics. Integrate asset inventory tracking beacons, temperature probes, movement sensors, proximity sensors, and workflow monitoring devices for new insights on shop floor activities. What is an IoT tracking and monitoring system? Here are some of the IOT device tracking platform success stories for our global clientele. Built on Bluetooth sensors, easy to deploy the solution with a rule engine, virtual zones, alerts, notifications, an Indoor positioning system & data analytics tools.

IOT platform for asset management

This specialty food distribution company wanted us to build a proof of concept eCommerce store integrated into the inventory trackingindoor tracking & monitoring system so that B2B customers would have direct access to information regarding the arrival time and storage condition of the high-value perishable goods using mesh enabled temperature probes. Near expiry, products were offered at discounted rates. Ripples integrated the asset tracking to provide seamless inventory management transparency in the supply chain distribution network.

Our client is a leading adhesive manufacturing company with 6 plants across the Asia Pacific region. They wanted a raw material remote monitoring system that helped save on inspection time and reduced wastage. We built an on-premise workforce tracking & monitoring dashboard solution with synchronization with their enterprise AWS cloud account. Best IOT asset tracking success rate using the platform for asset tracking, as we seamlessly integrated the company’s asset management functions. Read about IoT solutions for hospitals.

IOT platform for worker tracking

This multinational logistics company is building smart warehouses, catering to its global clients in the electronics manufacturing industry. Providing value-added services in tracking procurement & production supply chain. The purpose was to enable indoor group tracking of half-full, empty bins, and trolley locations with 5-meter accuracy within the 30,000 square feet shop floor. The IoT platform for asset tracking in production management helped in achieving the results. Read about the IoT asset tracking system project for warehouses, in collaboration with NUS

Our client is a leading manufacturer of electronic equipment meant for the semiconductor industry. They have 30,000 sq. ft operations in Singapore and wanted our assistance in building an IOT platform for an indoor workflow monitoring system to understand the movement of production machines from assembly to dispatch. We designed a robust shop floor monitoring system based on Bluetooth mesh technology. Enables tracking of people movement, time spent by each of the production items in different virtual zones, reports provided comparison on a weekly basis, staff movement, and group dynamics using Indoor positioning data analytics tools.

IOT platform for asset tracking

This farm distribution company wanted to monitor the temperature of the organic vegetables in trays, being transported from the farmer to distribution centers and retail stores in the city. The product pricing was determined based on a variance in temperature from the start of shipment. The smart logistics provider invoice was adjusted on a performance basis.

“Wireless temperature sensing of a 33 KV high voltage transformer. Thrilled to see the performance and the immense opportunity it opens for condition monitoring of critical assets like transformers and electrical panels. Thank you.”          —  Balasubramaniam Somasundaram, Plant Engineering & Maintenance, ZF Windpower

IOT platform solutions

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