IOT air quality monitoring

Ripples IoT - Benefits of deploying Indoor Air Quality monitoring sensors, software system

As we know, the SARS-CoV-2 virus mainly spreads via respiratory droplets, released when a person coughs, sneezes or speaks. Such droplets cannot remain suspended in the air because of their weight, meaning that they quickly fall to the ground or a nearby surface. The duration for which a virus can survive on a surface depends on a multitude of factors, such as the surface type and the surrounding environment, including air temperature and humidity – World Green Building Council

Facility managers
  • Boost operational cost savings using IAQ sensors
  • Get valuable insights that help with preparing facility reports
  • Helps significantly with data-driven decision making
  • Enables to set up smart rooms & smart workplaces easily 
  • Improve customer service and experience
  • Ensure efficient and smooth business operations with regard to workplace
  • Aids with ensuring business continuity even during adverse conditions
  • Ensure workplace safety of employees using IAQ monitoring
Building compliance managers
  • Instant reports & alerts on workplace environment conditions
  • Ensure workplace safety of employees
  • Helps significantly with data driven decision making
  • Provision to share relevant environment information with colleagues
  • Provide valuable reports during CSO meetings to ensure the safety of employees
  • Helps with planning of cleaning protocols in respective institutions
  • Aids in advising during instances of non-compliance with regard to Covid-19 protocols

Ripples IoT Indoor Air Quality monitoring sensors, monitoring dashboard in factories, warehouses, restaurants, hospitals

Indoor Air Quality monitoring IOT sensors

The first ever International Day of Clean Air for blue skies on 7 September 2020 gives us an opportunity to celebrate the importance of clean air – something that is so fundamental to us all for our health and well-being. Air, both indoors and outdoors, can be contaminated by chemical, biological or physical agents that modify its natural characteristics.

Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)is an important risk factor for both acute and chronic respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. People who have these underlying medical conditions are thought to be at a greater risk of developing severe disease from COVID-19 infection; thus, air pollution is most likely a contributing factor to the health burden caused by COVID-19

Quality control managers
  • Easy to generate reports on workplace IAQ environment conditions
  • Ensure quality of workplaces with pro-active notification
  • Helps significantly with data driven decision making using Internet of Things
  • Reduce losses by ensuring proper environmental conditions throughout the organization
  • Enables your organization to comply with international safety and health standards 
  • Send out Indoor air quality stats to customers wherever required
  • Collect, analyze and compile environment data to support documentation of exceptional events
Health & safety managers
  • Reduce work-related illness of employees
  • Ensure the safety of employees by ensuring better work environment conditions
  • Correct unsafe acts and conditions through helpful insights from our solutions
  • Generate instant reports & alerts on workplace environment  monitoring conditions
  • Helps prepare reports on environmental anomalies and provide reports to upper management
  • Aids in reporting anomalies with heating and ventilation systems using IOT indoor air quality monitoring sensors
  • Conduct audit on health & hygiene practices at workplace
Operations Manager
  • Helps significantly with real time data driven decision making
  • Ensure quality of workplaces and work environment
  • Reduce raw material wastage occurring due to imbalance in environment conditions
  • Helps provide environment reports for accreditation processes like ISO inspections
  • Aids in addressing environment-related concerns and issues within the workplace
  • Boost operational savings
  • Provision view and access environment data from a remote location along with alerts for the same 
  • Reduce accidents and issues caused due to environmental hazards
Shop floor Managers
  • Help facilitate a better work environment for colleagues and visitors
  • Improve customer goodwill towards organization by improving their experience
  • Improve customer footfall by displaying valuable environment details along with digital signage
  • Helps with improving quality of work environment 
  • Avail instant reports and alerts from shop floor even from a remote location
  • Get better insights on environmental KPIs regularly
  • Suitable for rugged industrial environments and for offices as well
Bio medical engineer
  • Ensure right environmental condition for bio medical equipment
  • Helps reduce frequent maintenance of equipment
  • Improves longevity of bio medical equipment
  • Improve maintenance cost-savings for your organization
  • Improves health conditions in organisations
  • Helps significantly with data-driven decision making
Warehouse Manager
  • Ensure better quality of goods being stored in the warehouse
  • Helps improve workplace environment by providing relevant data
  • Avail instant reports and alerts from your warehouse even from a remote location
  • Ensure better storage of perishable goods
  • Provisions for value addition for your customers 
  • Helps maintain better standards of health and safety within the warehouse through locating & monitoring

Call us to know more about the benefits of deploying IOT Indoor Air Quality Monitoring systems. Improve workplace safety, ISO 45001 compliance. 

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