Indoor Air Quality

Chief operating officers globally are looking for answers on how to safely reopen factories, offices, hospitality, recreational, education, and other facilities while giving employees, customers, and visitors peace of mind. A solution that gives transparency and confidence in workplace health & safety. Customers and employees should be able to access the live IAQ dashboard and know the hygiene aspects at your facility.

Deterioration of indoor air quality (IAQ) might result from the current isolation due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Ripples IoT pte ltd - Indoor air quality monitoring sensors, IAQ modules solutions

IOT IAQ dashboard building management ; indoor air quality monitoring Covid19 safety

The interactive dashboard provides standard and customized alerts and notifications can be configured according to the statutory needs when the readings from the laboratory or production area exceed predefined levels. A daily automated summary of IAQ readings can be sent to safety, maintenance and compliance departments. Read about the benefits of deploying Indoor Air quality monitoring system.

Easy to deploy, completely wireless technology

Improve staff wellness and productivity

Dashboard with alerts on threshold breach

This is the time to avoid risk related to Covid19

Get rid of harmful elements in the air to improve hygiene

Customise the models according to your needs

Measure dust levels (PM) inside your workplace

Mesh enabled modules deployment in large areas

Ripples IoT, Indoor air quality monitoring solutions to help reduce spread of virus infection

We have partnered with Omron to create wireless building management solutions, comprising of indoor air quality monitoring, earthquake detection, and human occupancy detection solutions that are easy to deploy and maintain. 

The IAQ modules can be deployed as an independent unit inside a retail pharmacy, medical laboratory, or as a large mesh network for factories, hospitals, warehouses, pharmaceutical clean rooms, etc. Reliability and robustness remain key in almost all environment monitoring & industrial automation solutions which result in cost effective and efficient deployments.

The wall mounted or tabletop models of IAQ integrated environment monitoring solutions are cloud-ready, with an interactive dashboard that displays the real-time data generated by the Indoor air quality sensor module. Connectivity can be through standard 2.4 Ghz transmission, 3G / 4G Cellular IOT  or using internal WiFI network. Our modules provides over the air updates on transmission frequency, password protection, API interface for third party IOT platforms, Building Management Systems, HVAC controls, Modbus and other automation interfaces using standard protocols such as Restful API, MQTT and https.1

RipplesIOT has recently signed an MOU with Softbank to supply Indoor air quality monitoring kits

Human presence detection

We can realize human detection in the warehouses, office conference rooms, which was previously considered to be unsuitable, contributing to energy saving and better amenity through feedback to air conditioning & lighting control.

Indoor Air quality monitoring

(PM) levels inside your apartment, factory, warehouse, or hospital. PM less than 2.5 microns are considered to be dangerous for the human body. In the present era, it is important to ensure proper ventilation inside offices, hospitals  factories, malls & restaurants.

Building Safety & Security

Intruder detection, Our location tracking & monitoring provides early warning on potential misuse of the facilities, unauthorised access, break-ins etc. Using these sensor communications, alerts for safety and signals for switching on lighting equipment can be enabled.

Light Modulation

The light modulation feature allows users to create personalized lighting for certain sections of manufacturing plants & warehouses. These modulations would be based on occupancy, functionality, and the availability of natural light. 

Contact us for a demo /  know more about our standalone and networked version of IOT Indoor Air quality monitoring kits and dashboard solutions.

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