IOT in manufacturing industry

Ripples IOT Pte ltd. IOT in manufacturing industry - shop floor tracking and monitoring solutions
Manufacturing shop floor tracking & monitoring

For smart industries getting back to operations, shop floor workflow and production workflow tracking solutions play a vital role in understanding the productivity of the workforce, industrial applications, and equipment. Direct benefits include fast processing, improved production storage utilization, lesser equipment downtime, efficient inventory management  improved workplace safety, reduced environmental hazards, etc.

  • Ripples IOT manufacturing industry shop floor tracking solutions and use cases can be implemented, resulting in a positive impact on the overall productivity and output quality with significantly lower maintenance costs.
  • Deploy our solutions in under 7 days and start gaining benefits through Industry 4.0 ready monitoring and tracking solutions for high-value assets that form the lifeline of your manufacturing or service business
  • Our retrofit industrial monitoring & tracking solutions are completely wireless in nature. With our IOT in manufacturing industry solutions, one can part ways with unwieldy wiring, frequent electrical inspections, and cabling maintenance.
  • Ripples IOT ready to deploy industrial monitoring kit includes a full-fledged web application, sensor dashboard, and data visualization tools. This is apart from the sensor modules with firmware, industrial gateways, support tickets, and user management software.
  • We have extensively worked on digital twin and workflow monitoring tools for the manufacturing industry shop floor.
Real-time industrial asset & production inventory tracking

Our industrial tracking application gives a real-time account of the location of bins, trolleys, environment, and working conditions of the physical assets located on manufacturing industry shop floor. Users are constantly alerted through e-mails and messages when set thresholds are breached or when objects pass through certain regions such as the front gate to move from procurement, production to warehouse. An example is of tracking finished goods, forklift speed inside a large factory, the user would know the usage and current location of the objects.

These integrated solutions comprise of analytics software, edge gateway devices, and Bluetooth mesh beacons which are dustproof (IP67), lightweight, but at the same robust and tamper-proof. It can be easily mounted on production equipment, racks, bins, trolleys, forklifts, cranes, etc. Indoor and outdoor location tracking can be done for a production inventory & supply chain environment, where shipment arrival and departure could be easily tracked and traced. This can be alerted to both the customer and the supplier thereby enabling optimal utilization of the inventory. Read more about production inventory management

IOT in manufacturing industry - production shop floor tracking and monitoring
Monitoring environment conditions

Ripples IOT data visualization software comprises features such as interactive charts and the option to send instant alerts on sudden changes in the environmental conditions inside a factory complex. Other important parameters such as power consumption, air quality, ambient lighting, temperature, pressure, humidity, noise levels can be measured and monitored accordingly.

Digital twin for manufacturing industry shop floor efficiency

We believe this data plays a vital role in modern automation systems across industries.  Health monitoring of mechanical systems with linear or angular positioning are some other examples related to this use case. 

Our on-premise / could application is highly scalable and expandable, so if you have an industrial area spanning across a large area, our sensor modules can form a mesh network of their own and operate within the location.

There is an in-built tamper-proof mechanism for tracking potential theft or abuse of sensor modules. These sensor modules can be attached with multiple functionality sensors and can be either DC, battery, or solar-powered. The module also provides an RS-485 interface to communicate with other industrial-grade equipment.

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