IOT in logistics industry

IOT in logistics industry, supply chain management

Integrating workflow with smart devices for using IOT in logistics industry for the supply chain visibility. Improve the multi-location movement of dairy & farm produce, sensitive & high-value cargo. Share consignment location to the business partner ecosystem. Reduce theft, accidents, abuse, audit costs, and monitor high-value goods en route from supplier to the factory to the distributor and retail locations. Integrating our 4G enabled supply chain tracking is a matter of delivering more for less.

Safety, tracking, security & just in time inventory

“… Integrated with our truck arrival system, Ripples IOT in logistics industry provides instant alerts on the arrival and departure of our trucks from our transshipment yard”

“… The solution ensures that trucks strictly follow the process of unloading, repairs, washing, fuelling and loading as schedules in our ISO procedure guidelines”

“… We are now able to know the delivery times and track the return of trucks from regular business customers. Thanks to the flexible, multi-location gateway configuration system and sensors”

“.. With over 1200 trucks and 600 drivers, tracking and assigning of the fleet with people has become much easier”

“.. We have been able to reduce cargo theft by an extent of 20% after installing the cargo tracking sensors. Long battery life has been the boon to reduce the cost of maintenance”

“.. the open API is an excellent choice to expose the data to our clients in the manufacturing industry. Now they are able to schedule production based on our cargo dispatch data”

IOT in logistics industry for supply chain management

Our smart logistics software and trace devices, data API for the transport logistics industry provide integration with your existing operational workflow automation software.

  • Integrated Smart devices to measure and monitor your cargo workflow
  • Intelligent, Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) enabled
  • Farm to fork perishable cargo monitoring for traceability
  • Access to cargo environment – temperature, humidity, and tilt on the move
  • Track timely dispatch of consignments to delivery centers
  • Reduce misplacement and theft of valuable cargo
  • Enable onsite delivery collections and proof of delivery
  • Track touchpoints and transshipment of high-value cargo
  • Enable customers to monitor the environment of shipped consignments
  • Enable traffic and operations to route trucks and containers
  • The rating system for carrier rental operations
  • Adhere to international standards on measurement
  • Warehouse automation, people tracking, workplace safety
  • Matrices to build SLA for truck loading, shipment, and unloading

IOT in logistics industry solutions comprises dashboard software,  sensor integration to help bring operational insights into your business to achieve Logistics 2.0 initiatives. Our team brings over 25 years of industry experience in delivering freight logistics solutions for South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, and Mozambique.

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