IOT construction safety solutions

IOT to Improve construction workplace safety & security

Workplace safety & productivity – There was an important circular couple of months ago from the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore indicating that worker safety should be given predominant importance in any construction sites. There would be constant inspections at the worksites for ensuring the same.  According to the ministry, there has been a steady increase in reported fatal injuries this year in Singapore construction sites. Most of these injuries are accounted for the careless vehicle operations in the site vicinity.

Workplace Safety, Productivity & IOT in construction

“.. Now we are effectively managing the traffic in the construction sites. from forklifts to big trucks to ensure workforce safety”

“.. Improper segregation of the vehicular-pedestrian traffic and poor maintenance of the onsite vehicles and machinery were the major issues until we installed RipplesIOT”

IOT in construction safety. Helmet, vest bluetooth sensors, workplace safety

IOT in Construction site safety – Indoor & outdoor asset location tracking

In most of the fatality cases, the workers were unaware of the presence of such vehicles in the vicinity. Usually, there would be a lot of noise and dust around the site premises. The driver of the vehicle and the pedestrian worker can fail to spot each other.

“.. The idea is to embed RipplesIOT sensor technology into worker vests or hats helped in improving workplace safety norms and avoid the hefty fines”

“.. The workers are now alerted about the vehicle’s presence using flash sirens and lights. The managers are now constantly monitoring the speed of the vehicles on their mobiles and alert the drivers accordingly”

“..The workers were put at risk due to the improper working of the machinery and could lead to loss of life. The vehicles are monitored continuously using sensors and the data is used for proactive maintenance”

“.. The health of newly constructed structures are being monitored nowadays using  locate & monitor solutions based on MEMS technology”

The government on the move

Under workplace safety and health act, the Singapore government has already started imposing heavy fines on builders and constructors who compromise on their worker’s safety.  By implementing our IOT starter kit for construction sites, not only the safety objective set by the government is met, the workers can bring in more productivity as they feel safe and secure in their work environment. Be proactive and save yourself from big penalties.

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