How to deploy IoT based Forklift tracking in warehouses

Ripples IOT forklift tracking solutions, prevent forklift accidents

Forklift Tracking in India

With indoor positioning systems you can enhance operational excellence, warehouse management and workplace safety by deploying IoT forklift tracking solutions. Indoor GPS helps you keep a real-time map of the asset’s location and verify the warehouse inventory. Forklift tracking can be very beneficial for smart warehouse inventory management. Forklifts expedite countless industrial processes.  Multiple leading industries rely on forklift tracking to reduce forklift accidents and increase the efficiency of work. 

Forklift accidents:

Forklift plays a huge role in the industrial processes and moving of hospital assets. However, forklift accidents lead to thousands of injuries per year some may be serious. Plus these accidents can prove to be costly for the owners if pallets of products are damaged. The forklift to forklift collisions are very common and can result in massive damage. Many forklifts go missing in larger sites because warehouse forklift storage is expensive.

IoT Forklift tracking in warehouse management

Using modern forklift tracking systems not only improves your asset visibility but also helps in keeping your forklifts safe and secure. This forklift tracking is a part of the indoor positioning system and a smart tool for logistics, healthcare, fleet management, and factory automation. The adoption of IoT forklift tracking highly increases the growth of industries. It prevents major forklift accidents and minimizes injuries and product losses. This amazing technology offers the manufacturers real-time mapping of their warehouse forklifts and the indoor positioning of all the forklifts. 

Benefits of Forklift Tracking in India:

Forklift tracking has multiple benefits. Through integrated cloud-ready forklift monitoring, you can monitor all your forklift machines at all times. Get a better understanding of the products and their placement in your warehouse. You can also control the speed of your forklifts and their movements. Through this, you will have a better understanding of your storage environment. You can check the temperature, humidity, and pressure of the forklift location tracking environment using a ready-to-deploy, easy-to-maintain warehouse inventory tracking solution

Notification Alert:

The system will automatically send you alerts for any unusual movements. It plays a huge role in the security of your inventory. You can also set the pattern for the pallets and forklift movements. You can track any desired object in the storage and production modules. Any trollies or missing bins can be actively tracked through the application. Even the forklifts and types of machinery are trackable with it. This rules out the incidents of missing forklifts and saves money.

Reduced forklift accidents:

Indoor positioning technology leads to factory automation. It minimizes human errors and ultimately leads to better efficiency. Likewise, the warehouse forklift tracking system reduces accidents and secures your product pallets. The DIY kits of GPS forklift tracking require low-to-no maintenance IOT starter kit. It comes with a 10-year battery life and waterproof tags.

IOT forklift tracking solutions


Indoor positioning technologies can increase your work efficiency by several folds. The advanced features for asset tracking and employee tracking in warehouse management lead to better customer services and satisfaction. The use of Bluetooth indoor positioning allows you to track and monitors all objects including forklifts, fixed assets and workers. Ripples industrial IoT solutions provide you with the best indoor positioning systems and forklift tracking.