IOT for smart hospitals

Asset, wheelchair, staff & patient tracking solutions
IOT in smart hospital management | staff, patient tracking, repairs, inspection, compliance, workflowHospital Inventory, workforce & asset tracking system

Mesh enabled indoor position systems to track wheelchairs, stretchers, portable ECG machines, inventory pallets, garbage bins. Improve productivity, enhance hospital workforce efficiency, We provide an indoor accuracy of 5 meters and the Bluetooth beacons have a battery life of up to 5 years. The solution is bundled with tracking devices, gateway, and cloud-enabled asset tracking software for hospitals.

IOT in smart hospital management  increases productivity

Ripples hospital tracking systems can remotely monitor your high-value medical assets providing insights on usage patterns and damages. Ripples IOT for smart hospital deploys sensor Tag devices that continuously monitor and log the data about the moving assets it is attached to. These data are then decoded by the Indoor positioning software.

Temperature & pressure monitoring system

Ripples IoT - hospital indoor asset tracking system

Today surgeries have become inevitable to curb medical cases and had become a daily schedule in hospitals as life-threatening diseases and accidents are alarmingly increasing. This has put operation theaters in high demand making it tough for healthcare providers to maintain their operation theaters at hygienic conditions. Often OT maintenance guidelines that have to be followed to ensure hygiene and safety have to be overlooked.

On average an operation theater will have 5-8 occupancy and an equipment load of 5-7 KW which contributes to room temperature significantly. If the hospital is applying for certifications like JCI, NABH, etc. the operation theater conditions, like temperature, have to be maintained at certain levels e.g. for NABH, OT temperature has to be maintained in 21 Degree Celsius +/- 3 degree Celsius. In most OT a thermometer is kept and reading is taken manually which increases the chances of errors to improve infection control

  • IOT for smart hospital providing actionable insights
  • 24/7 Remote medical equipment monitoring
  • Connect old and new equipment
  • Easily configurable asset tracking solution
  • Patient tracking across the hospital zones
  • Automated data logging, activity based costing
  • Usage insights on individual equipment
  • Enables usage-based billing
  • Instant alerts on abuse, hour usage, and theft
  • Helps in fixed asset management

During these economic conditions, patient experience and safety aspects matter the most. To provide better patient care, the use of medical equipment is inevitable for healthcare providers. To enable medical diagnosis the healthcare providers invest millions in procuring high-quality medical devices like MRI, X-Ray, Ultrasound Scanner etc. This equipment covers a significant share of the hospital’s fixed assets. Any damage to this equipment will result in a huge loss of revenue and affects patient care.Locating portable equipment improves hospital efficiency,

Damages to this medical equipment can happen due to misuse, abuse of equipment, or condition at which they are operated and maintained. Most of these damages are concealed and go unnoticed. It becomes hard to prove whether the damage was due to a manufacturing defect, damage while transportation and installation or damage caused at the hospital. The lack of availability of proper data to prove damage affects insurance and warranty claims. All these emphasize the importance of a robust medical equipment monitoring solution.

The system can provide instant alerts on temperature. We deploy wireless tags for asset, workforce & patient tracking, physical distancing tags, wheelchair tracking, and sensors for temperature, movement, noncontact attendance, and panel open and close

  • 24/7 OT Temperature Monitoring System
  • Bluetooth Low energy mesh
  • Instant alerts on temperature variation

Call us to know more about implementing IOT smart hospital management solutions  – comprising of staff, asset tracking, indoor air quality, workplace safety, and workflow management.

Logistics 4.0

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