IOT employee productivity, safety

Workflow analytics - Digital twin in logistics, warehousing, construction & manufacturing

Shopfloor workflow monitoring

Need for digital twin – Let us face the facts of the new normal. Logistics, warehousing, manufacturing & construction industries worldwide will research new ways to improve workforce productivity, safety & customer experience, at the same time looks at ways to optimize resources to offset the cost of compliance.

Digital twin in logistics, warehousing, construction & manufacturing

With the help of IOT employee productivity monitoring system, different permutation combinations can be arrived at, to derive measurement matrices for shop floor  . Understand the workflow choke points, the output during different times of the day, peak hours, production schedules, Activity Based Costing, etc. Know the frequently visited asset by the technician, groups of people moving together, repair & maintenance trends, safety violations, contact tracing for industries such as warehousing, logistics, construction & manufacturing.

Shop floor workflow monitoring & employee productivity tracking

Ensuring the safety and productivity of the medical team and patients in hospitals. warehouses, factories & construction sites. Physical distancing devices to increase the safety of paramedical staff and the elderly. With the help of our group tracking system, hospitals can assess the most productive of teams that bring results. The Bluetooth tags can be assigned to doctors, paramedical staff, visitors, patients, and bystanders as well to cross analyze department and time of the day movement of objects within zones in smart industry practices.

IOT employee productivity, shop floor workflow monitoring,

IOT in employee productivity

Workforce group tracking solutions can enhance employee productivity in the construction industry where 1000’s people are involved in daily activities,  whether catering to a service or factory production environment. Group knowledge tracking solutions help industries create digital twin – whereby all activities in operations regarding the movement of the workforce – technician, contractor & supervisor,  inventory pallets, bins, trolleys, and production equipment are mirrored in our Industrial safety monitoring.

Shop floor productivity

Digital twin in manufacturing, warehousing and logisitics

The functionality of grouping moving objects within designated zones – spares, inventory, assets, workforce, external contractors, visitors, etc adds a new dimension that enhances information analysis. This in turn generates new insights to understand and optimize the workflow pattern of moving assets in manufacturing, logistics, and construction industries.

Group tracking solutions can enhance knowledge tracking and management in manufacturing to improve productivity and the bottom line. We have written much about inventory and asset tracking in industries such as warehouses, factories, construction sites, hospitals, etc. These are facilitated by attaching low cost, low powered asset tags that communicate real time data through internet of things devices, and cloud software for physical distancing in production management.

Digital twin in warehousing, Group tracking system ; inventory bins in production factories, warehouses

Inventory bin and trolly tracking

In the production line, an example could be that of an aircraft engine that has thousands of spares for assembly that are stacked inside bins within trolleys which need to be tracked through the shop floor workflow. Each batch for production has to be monitored for completeness of bins before they move to the respective zones. Our group and zone monitoring warehousing solution is a clear winner for issues related to incomplete kits and missing or misplaced bins.

Ripples IoT - Digital twin solutions in manufacturing
Monitoring repair & inspections

Standard procedures and compliances are the norms in high tech manufacturing units across the world. In electronics and semiconductor equipment manufacturing, the inspectors move in groups at designated intervals to check on the production line. This would be a digital twin in manufacturing of your inspection and compliance routines.

Ripples IOT - physical distance in Factories, inspectors, technician, workforce tracking solutions with 5 metre accuracy
IOT employee productivity, safety in construction

Contract labor forms a chunk of the workforce in many construction and manufacturing sites. They need to be effectively monitored and tracked for safety and security. Our people tracking tags can be embedded inside safety helmets, visitors tag, equipment to ascertain the location and movement of a specialized workforce, visitors, and rental equipment within zones.

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