Employee productivity, safety tracking

  • Employee safety tracking – Emergency evacuation creates challenges on expeditious exit as not only count-out but labor left out is catastrophic. Such drills are conducted monthly at sites.
  • Worker workflow tracking – Simplify and streamline the process of repair and maintenance,  emergency evacuation drills, measure the rate of worker movement and ensure safety. 

IOT employee productivity, safety, workflow tracking solutions

IOT employee productivity, safety tracking solutions 
  • Control and audit movement, theft, and misuse of high-value equipment
  • Monitoring the movement of employees between floors & locations
  • Understanding the working environment of temperature-controlled areas
  • Workflow to understand potential choke points during peak hours
  • Knowledge about employee movement to improve utilization of facilities
  • Enables touchless monitoring of contract staff & visitors
  • Small in size tracking devices that are lightweight
  • Improve traceability, productivity, safety & compliance
  • Low cost of ownership, zero wiring solution with 5-meter positioning accuracy
  • Integrate with noncontact body temperature devices
  • Integrate with payroll system API
  • Bluetooth beacons with long battery life.
  • 10-minute transmission, up to 10-year battery life, 5-meter accuracy GPS for workflow solutions
  • Can be easily deployed inside safety helmets to track workforce
  • Range of up to 50 meters – sufficient to cover most construction sites
  • Data visualization software for the site supervisor to monitor activities
  • Rugged Dell Edge gateway device for data collection

1000 labour manual check-in takes 28 minutes. Same time for check-out. 1 hour lost per person per day.

This leads to 1000 hour loss per day on a 1000 labour deployment. 26 working days 26000 man hours lost.

IOT worker safety tracking in construction, mining

Without touchless worker tracking methodologies, one cannot measure the loss of productivity, violation of safety norms, and prevent unwarranted situations in the pandemic era. Like when a business operation is unable to locate machinery or a critical spare inventory quickly or location of key people such as engineers, supervisors, and visitors in large work sites. Our workflow monitoring solution is an ideal tool to improve productivity, safety & compliance aspects.

IOT employee safety, productivity

Our Internet Of Things (IOT) enabled contractor tracking solution, comprising of miniature BLE sensors, gateway, device management framework, and workforce tracking software provide new insights on the movement of physical objects within premises such as construction sites, shipyard tracking, factory monitoring, smart warehouses, physical distancing for hospitals, etc.

Our worker tracking solutions mainly apply where long-term projects are involved; like a shipyard, construction of commercial spaces, tunnels, public utility buildings, etc. The measurement helps in improving workplace safety, reducing operational bottlenecks, improve accountability, and visibility.

IOT employee workflow tracking
  • Alerts on machinery, trucks, cranes, forklifts entering or leaving the worksite
  • Ensuring the availability of critical spares and their location
  • Keeping track of important files on confidential contracts and purchases

Lack of clarity in understanding the employee workflow tracking matrices resulting in long queues and frustration leading to poor processes and operational efficiency. This can lead to lower satisfaction, increased costs, safety risk in industries, and loss of revenue.

The same could be told about visitors – suppliers, consultants, and other people entering high-security areas such as warehouses, shipyard tracking, bank locker rooms, etc. It can also be extended to physical objects such as laptops, circuit boards in equipment, industrial transformers, etc.

IOT contractor safety, worker workflow solutions

Call us to know more about touchless workforce and asset tracking in large construction projects – shipyards, commercial building, public utility, metro rail, tunnels, etc.  You can opt for a feasibility study on workforce tracking or ask for the noncontact workforce tracking solution.

Meet us at global events to know more about IOT in employee safety and worker workflow tracking using Bluetooth mesh sensor solutions.

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