Construction site productivity & safety

Workplace safety in construction

Till recently, the role of IOT in the construction industry was limited to projects, worker & workflow management tools. The discrete locations and site locales made it difficult for IT vendors to come up with standard project operation solutions. There was absolutely no emphasis given on critical factors such as the safety of construction workers. A recent study shows that in a minute about 600 workers die globally in work-related accidents. This number is staggering considering the strict safety precautions set for the construction industry.

  • 100 million projects in the Gulf have a 30% labor component. 30% of this 30% is further added towards productivity losses aggregating close to 10% of the project cost.
The advent of IOT in the construction industry

IOT, as technology is transforming the way many industries work. Moreover, in the construction industry, IOT is revolutionizing worker safety management procedures. As a result, the fatality rates have gone down notches. A most noteworthy point is with the introduction of IoT, there has been a great leap in productivity and profitability of construction companies. IOT in the construction industry can help enhance safety measures for the workforce in many ways. Construction workers are exposed to a plethora of threats and hazards. For e.g. falling, electrocution, entrapment, faulty machinery, or being hit by moving vehicles like trucks or forklift. Construction equipment tracking in hazardous zones can increase safety.

IoT in construction industry, BCA, workforce with workflow, inspection and compliance monitoringWorkforce tracking & contractor safety solutions

The worker vests can be infested with location beacons or BLE tags based on mesh technology that provides 5 x 5 meter accuracy so that the managers can track their movement continuously. This type of monitoring is very useful in places like mines and large boreholes where there is a chance of a cave-in.

Environment Monitoring in the construction industry

Monitoring the workflow & working environment is extremely crucial as the workers can be subjected to extreme temperature, humidity, and even poisonous gases. The corresponding sensors can alert the employees if the parameters breach the threshold limit.

Asset Management and Repair

A machine or equipment failure can be hazardous to its operators. It is extremely important to foresee maintenance issues in this machinery so that the operators can be safeguarded from any mishaps. Connected machines and Bluetooth mesh network for monitoring solutions provide help in proper asset management and repair of equipment. Certain equipment can be located in “no go” zones and appropriate alerts are generated when people or other equipment are in the vicinity.

IOT in the construction industry is not just limited to these four solutions. The connected worker concept is really the way forward for the construction industry. All the leading construction firms around the world are adopting IoT to increase the safety measures in their company. The more the workers feel safe, the more they will contribute towards increasing the company productivity.

  • 1000 labor manual timesheets take 15 days to compile plus another 7 days to process and payout leading to extraordinary delays in labor salaries.
Smart Cones

These safety cones embedded with sensors are deployed across the construction sites. It alerts the machine drivers of the presence of water mains, electrical lines, and even the workers present in the vicinity. Also, it can alert the employees with warning sirens when a moving machine is around.

Construction industry workflow & equipment tracking

Our cloud-based industrial tracking software for the construction industry provides the right platform for companies to improve productivity and enhance workforce safety. Learn how IOT can transform your construction forklift safe to the workforce by connecting with us. We assure you of a productive, safe, and secure workplace environment.

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