Internet of things devices

Ripples IoT - Earthquake sensing, detection sensor kit

Location monitoring sensors

Monitoring location of inventory, equipment and workforce with an accuracy of 2.5 meters. This forms part of efforts to improve productivity, compliance and safety in factories, warehouses and construction sites. The location tracking sensors are part of the Bluetooth mesh network solutions we offer.

Ripples IOT - Internet of things devices, wireless sensors

Indoor air quality monitoring sensors.

As you are aware, the quality of air inside workshops, warehouses, hospitals, restaurants and auditoriums have a direct impact on the spread of viruses and diseases. So its ideal to install an Indoor Air Quality monitoring sensor kit that will send an SMS or e.mail warning message when the quality of air we breathe goes above the WHO stipulated levels.

RipplesIOT - bluetooth mesh temperature, humidity, pressure monitoring sensors with dashboard software

Temperature monitoring sensors

Internet of things devices – integrated temperature monitoring sensor kit comprises of Bluetooth beacons, gateways and dashboard software. The kit can be easily installed by you engineers. These wireless temperature sensors can be deployed in the range of 25 – 50 meters from the gateway, and is best suited to monitor the temperature of transforms and other industrial equipment. We ship globally



Condition monitoring, building management system - Industrial vibration sensors on mesh network

Industrial sensors for anomaly detection

Abnormal vibrations or high temperatures caused by component imbalance, misalignment, wear, or improper use of equipment are early indicators of machine failure. Through the data gathered and calculated by the wireless condition monitoring Industrial Node, these irregularities can now be detected without the need for expensive wired equipment or going from machine to machine to gather data with handheld devices.

Ripples IoT - Internet of things devices - temperature, humidity, location tracking and monitoring

Carbon dioxide monitoring sensors

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a key indicator of air quality. Thanks to new energy standards and better insulation, houses have become increasingly energy efficient, but the air quality can deteriorate rapidly. Active ventilation is needed to maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor environment, and to improve the well-being and productivity of the inhabitants. Our solutions offer accurate and stable CO2, temperature and humidity monitoring. 

Applications of BLE asset tracking sensors
  • Factory equipment anomaly detection including effective utilisation
  • Track unauthorised entry/ exit and movement of equipment
  • Monitor delays in supply-chain environment
  • Warehouse monitoring for inventory, workforce
  • Hospital pharmacy, laboratory & operation theater monitoring
  • Shipping and mining industry workforce safety

Dell edge gateway dashboard programming by Ripples IoT

BLE edge gateway programming

IOT starter kit consists of sensor & readers integrated on to edge gateway where we provide the data visualization tool. Edge gateways are one of the best methods for data collection when it comes to monitoring and managing efficient realtime data. 

The Dell Edge gateway running Ubuntu core of a good choice for industrial-grade BLE gateway for industrial monitoring. With the help of data visualization tools, shop floor managers can easily facilitate condition monitoring, track & trace, and other functions for Industry 4.0 practices.

Dell Edge 3000 series gateways are intelligent devices designed to aggregate, secure, analyze, and relay data from diverse sensors and equipment at the edge of the network. These gateways bridge both legacy systems and modern sensors to the internet, helping you to get business insights from the real-time, pervasive data in your machines and equipment. We integrate sensor devices from leading vendors to provide data management and visualization solutions. We can also provide API’s for cloud/analytics platform integration. All our solutions are developed in open-source platforms

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