Asset tracking using iot starter kit in warehouses, hospitals

IOT asset tracking solutions

Implementing asset tracking using iot – Let us look at any mid-size warehouse operations globally, and they are wanting to implement solutions that can help improve workforce productivity and lone worker safety. Locate warehouse management inventory and assets for efficiency. Food cold chain traceability for reducing wastage, real-time inspections.  

Our iot platformasset tracking iot use cases come with the starter kit, a perfect solution to get started with an indoor positioning system for warehouse monitoring, and hospital asset tracking

Our solutions are easy to deploy, require no cabling, low infrastructure costs, pay as you go licensing model. Cloud enabled dashboard, data visualization software with alerts, notifications, and powerful reports to help you understand the movement of people, asset utilization, asset inventory management and surgical workflow to deliver operational business intelligence.

Ripples asset tracking using iot starter kit
Asset tracking using iot solutions, Wirepas tags,

Warehouse monitoring system iot tracking

Quickly track with accuracy, the indoor position of inventory. Monitor movement of forklift, bins, trolleys, space utilization in racks. Indoor Inventory management in healthcare & warehouse management etc.

Workplace safety & productivity

In a post pandemic world, safe distancing technology plays an important role in the well-being of workers. The  IOT asset inventory tracking starter kits are easy to deploy solutions for forklift tracking , that will enhance the trust and confidence of your institution. 

Repair & preventive maintenance monitoring

Tracking of repair and maintenance, ensuring that equipments are running without anomalies. Vaccines and food cold chain traceability to ensure goods are transported in the optimal temperature in optimal storage and last mile delivery.

Hospital Asset inventory tracking

Hospital management need to ensure continued operations, and surgical equipment. The indoor tracking IOT starter kit will help you with patient tracking for measurement of waiting times being wearable tags. Implant for hospital asset tracking to reduce abuse and theft of high value medical equipment

Asset tracking using iot in hospitals

What does an IoT kit contain? Based on wireless indoor positioning technology, the infrastructure requires no external connections and is composed of a set of fixed and mobile Bluetooth beacons. The anchors are fixed at regular intervals throughout the building and the mobile beacons are either worn by people working in warehouses and factories. Either as badges or fixed to the stationary and moving equipment & warehouse inventory bins to be located. Ideal for indoor mapping in smart manufacturing, warehouse management, and logistics yards using iot tracking devices.

Best IOT for asset tracking

An integrated solution with one vendor taking full responsibility for the cloud / on-premise software, beacons, gateways, installation, training & support for forklift tracking.

IOT Data visualisation tools

Robust sensor data visualization dashboard for real-time monitoring for supervisors. Information is readily available on the edge gateway to enable immediately, informed decision making

IOT dashboard for alerts

You can set threshold values for most of the device readings, location of people, time spent, etc for alerts and notifications via instant messenger, e.mail

IOT indoor mapping

Would you like to have the data from our solutions be pushed into third-party devices for unified control?  We provide Interface data with Modbus / Indoor navigation systems.

IOT starter kit for productivity & safety

What do you understand about the Internet of things? A remarkable feature that would help mitigate the threats of this era of disruption is the indoor location based tracking feature on our small business IOT starter kits & sensor dashboard software. The lone worker tracking, workplace safety feature is enabled by analyzing the indoor location tracking matrices of staff and by generating reports that can provide valuable insights.

Ripples Industrial IOT starter kit with sensor data visualisation tools for ELA Blue, Wirepas, Teltonika, Wirepas, Ruuvi

Best iot asset tracking solutions

Information such as entry and exit time along with stay duration records can be co-related with similar reports generated by other visitors/staff within the industrial zone. This would go on to provide significant insights into the operations and security functions. Our solution also helps in contact tracing efforts that would be made in the unfortunate case of a visitor or staff contracting diseases. Ask how do I connect my IOT kit?

Partner us to deploy an IOT asset tracking system with alerts & notification tools, warehouse monitoring, lone worker safety,  food cold chain traceability, indoor asset tracking & production inventory tracking. Best IOT starter kits for indoor mapping in warehouses.  Helps improve worker safety in logistics yards, iot in warehouses to reduce theft of inventory, and tracking of forklifts.

IOT solutions
Ripples IoT platform for Indoor positioning solutions, worker safety, inventory management, production floor tracking
Ripples IoT sensor data visualisation and notification software

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