Indoor tracking starter kit

Ripples IoT - Digital Twin starter kit
Construction industry worker safety

Improve the safety and security of workers in the construction zone. Define go and no go zones. Implement task-based productivity matrices. Construction site worker safety

Warehouse inventory tracking

Quickly track with accuracy, the position of high-value inventory. Monitor movement of bins, trolley, space utilisation in racks. Indoor Inventory tracking in factories, warehouses, mines

Workplace safety &  productivity

With Covid19 in the air, physical distancing technology plays an important role in the well being of patients and health workers. The completely wireless and easy to implement solution enhances the trust and confidence for your institution. Hospital workflow monitoring

Repair & maintenance monitoring

When it comes to repair & maintenance in shipping and airline industries, our repair tracking system helps in improving productivity, inventory control, and safety.

Fixed Asset monitoring

Factories need to ensure continued operations, and critical equipment such as motors, pumps, compressors need constant monitoring. Indoor tracking starter kit will help you with measurement matrices

Process workflow monitoring

Improve production workflow by monitoring the movement of raw material and finished goods by defining digital zones of 2.5 x 2.5 meters. Gain new insights to help improve productivity, knowledge sharing, inspections & compliance.

Integrated solution

An integrated solution with one vendor taking full responsibility for the cloud / on-premise software, beacons, gateway devices, installation, implementation & support

Data visualization

Great data visualization dashboard for real-time monitoring for supervisors. Information is readily available on the edge gateway to enable immediate and informed decision making

Instant alerts

You can set threshold values for most of the device readings, location of people, time spent, etc for alerts and notifications via instant messenger, e.mail

Smart buildings

Would you like to have the data from our solutions to be pushed into third party devices to a unified control? We provide Interface data with Modbus / Building Management Systems

Indoor tracking starter kit for productivity & safety

A remarkable feature that would help in mitigating the threats of this pandemic is that of the indoor contact tracing feature which has been enabled on our indoor tracking starter kit software . This workplace safety technology feature is enabled by analyzing the movement matrices of staff and by generating smart reports that can provide valuable insights into the same.

Information such as entry and exit time along with duration records can be co-related with similar reports generated by other visitors/staff within the industrial zone which would go on to provide significant insights in to contact tracing efforts that would be made in the unfortunate case of a visitor or staff contracting Covid-19.

Ripples Iot - Indoor tracking starter kit

Partner us to deploy Indoor tracking starter kit for workplace safety in logistics yards, warehouses, manufacturing & construction sites.

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