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Measurement and monitoring solutions

Bluetooth beacons, condition monitoring, Industrial automation solutions, wireless sensor monitoring
Measure, control, monitor, save

Money saved is money earned, more so in a business environment challenged by a slowdown due to disruptive market forces and geopolitical situations. Optimize shop floor efficiency, improve inventory management, improve supply chain visibility, increase staff productivity, reduce energy consumption, improve workplace safety. The possibilities are endless with our ready to deploy Bluetooth mesh enabled indoor tracking & monitoring solutions.

Advantages & benefits of indoor tracking & monitoring
  • Bring new insights into your business operations
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance & repairs
  • Dashboards, alerts & notifications for anomaly detection
  • Install in under 2 hours – Start saving from day 1
  • No wiring needed – lowest deployment costs
  • No electrical interferences or troubleshooting required
  • 10+ year battery life – zero maintenance costs
  • Rugged, water and dustproof devices weighing 18 grams
Uses cases of industrial indoor location tracking
  • Monitor movement of equipment and goods sold to customers sent for repair, rented & leased assets,
  • Tracking shipment across geographies by land and sea using reusable tags.
  • Tracking the regular distribution of goods from factory to warehouse and retail outlets.
  • Real-time in transit monitoring in moving trucks, containers, and cold chain transportation
  • Detecting off hours opening of storage area, equipment panels, truck and container doors
  • Detect vibration (+/- 2G) found in equipment such as compressors, coolers, fans, blowers, mixers
  • Monitoring the usage of current in equipment, understanding utilization and idle time
What can be monitoring using Bluetooth beacon
  • Temperature & humidity
  • Ambient light for energy savings
  • Equipment locator in large shop floor with an area exceeding 10,000 sq.ft
  • Detection of storage door opening & closing
  • Movement of bins, pallets, forklifts, trolleys
  • Tilt & angle measurement for defects
  • Integration with Modbus, BMS, RS-485

Call us to know more about our condition monitoring & inventory tracking solutions using Bluetooth beacon technology. We offer Indoor tracking starter kit for companies to help leapfrog into the digital era.

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