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Indoor positioning system Singapore

The National University of Singapore (NUS) is a national research university based in Singapore. Founded in 1905 as the Straits Settlements and the Federated Malay States Government Medical School, NUS is the oldest autonomous university in Singapore. According to most rankings, it is considered to be one of the best universities in the Asia-Pacific and in the world.  NUS is a comprehensive research university, offering degree programs in a wide range of disciplines at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including in the sciences, medicine and dentistry, design and environment, law, arts, and social sciences, engineering, business, computing etc. Have chosen Indoor positioning system Singapore research labs for location based safety tracking with Bluetooth mesh indoor location tracking technology.

Ripples IOT provides wireless indoor location tracking solutions based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled technology, ideally suited for warehouse inventory tags, construction worker safety, and hospital asset tracking solutions. The cloud-enabled solution provides seamless integration with asset management, floor monitoring and workflow tracking solutions. Ripples have deployed the indoor positioning solution at the NUS campus for the purpose of providing floor monitoring data on research purposes, to enhance to safety of workers in construction and logistics industries.

Ripples IOT Indoor positioning system Singapore, Indoor location tracking technology

The thought process that led to the purchase from Ripples-IOT indoor positioning system Singapore

The project is based on the construction site, we aim to develop a construction self-safety assessment mobile application for which we require some software support from your side.

The first function we wanted from your mobile system is the indoor positioning systems, the location of construction workers. We want a feature that could send alerts when a worker moves near a danger (based on proximity), we want to know the real-time location of the construction workers.

Who was involved in the buying decision process? (influencers/decision-makers/ researchers)

Me and my professor. You have your office in Singapore, this was the closest company offering this in the Singapore market. There are a few companies in Singapore that provide a real-time location system starter kit for customers.

Do you think our indoor location tracking product for Singapore will be able to satisfy your needs? Rate between 1 – 7

We would give it something around a 4 rating because I want a map that would display the real-time location of the construction workers that Is not available in your system. I haven’t actually used the system yet, based on what you have told me, the map shows which zone the worker is in but it won’t show where I am in real time. (it will be updated in 2-3 min)

What was the stand-alone feature that led you to choose our indoor positioning product?

It was the interactive dashboard, cloud server, the record of all the information I need

What different alternatives were you considering while going for such a service (companies)?

In Singapore’s market, we saw 2-3 companies but either they didn’t provide the starter kit or they just didn’t provide the sensor-based technology solutions that are why we didn’t select them. But this kind of solution is very popular in North America’s market and I have contact with a lot many companies in North America but because of Geographical reasons we finally chose your company.

What factors did you compare the products on while selecting an indoor positioning system for Singapore?

They don’t match our scope. They didn’t provide us with a starter kit for us to test it on

Would you be willing to introduce us to the market based on the current knowledge of our product and interaction with our team?

Currently, you do not have a mobile app. So we may need to transfer the web-based dashboard to a mobile version first. And maybe if the lab map can be updated then that could also be integrated into the mobile app version.

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