How to buy a Reliable Indoor positioning platform

Bluetooth mesh indoor positioning

Ready to deploy IoT indoor positioning platform solutions to help improve factory productivity and workplace safety. Great, easy-to-use solutions for asset tracking, inventory tagging, worker tracking & equipment monitoring. Indoor positioning data analytics brings new insights to the production shop floor. How accurate is an indoor location system with Bluetooth mesh indoor positioning technology? Can Indoor GPS track accurately?

Mapping of zones, rule engines, alerts & notifications

Ripples IOT Bluetooth mesh Indoor positioning platform for asset inventory, workflow tracking

IPS Indoor positioning platform key benefits

The most accurate indoor positioning system without any need for cabling or high-cost infrastructure.

  • Ready to deploy – all in a box – shop floor data visualization tools for indoor tracking
  • Customized, warehouse, healthcare workflows, production, logistics specific charts, and reports
  • Monitor movement of indoor mapped objects on the production shop floor
  • Alerts and notifications when abnormal values appear for instant action
  • Integrated with retrofit Bluetooth low energy beacon with 10 year battery life
  • Integrate with navigation and indoor location tracking app
  • Push data to Modbus where the need for industrial automation (mosquitto mqtt broker server)
  • Pull data from RS-485 enabled legacy machines onto the dashboard
  • Indoor position system open source API to connect third party app
  • Can be deployed for warehouse asset inventoryhospital workflow tracking.

Bluetooth mesh Indoor position system analytics 

The success of any analytical platform is its ability to aggregate and interpret the data values into a meaningful format for the operations team. The data analytics & indoor positioning systems should be simple to work with but at the same time should provide deep insights for the end user. In this day and age of IoT data visualisation-ready smart machinery, the volume of data pushed by the sensors is humungous.

In our indoor position system wifi eliminated, industrial solutions, we have combined robust indoor positioning technology, a time-series database along IOT data visualization tools to provide the drill-down reports, analytics, and notifications. The last aspect any buyer would want during data analytics operations is the vendor locking the platform out at a crucial juncture. Which is mandated by the Industrial Internet Consortium

Indoor positioning systems

With an indoor positioning dashboard, our factory shop floor data visualization tool is much more than the normal depiction of charts, as it has a modern UI with theme options and supports multi-lingual and multi-user options. The integrated iBeacon tags and sensor modules and a reliable mesh network provide data for continuously evaluating the metrics and users can set threshold alerts and send notifications using the best indoor positioning system.

Types of indoor positioning systems

How can I track an indoor location? We can set time frames or intervals on the indoor positioning system dashboard and the application will just try to pull what is relevant for that time frame. The application also optimizes itself by adjusting the panel size of the graph and screen resolution. Indoor location tracking Arduino based models are not industrial grade.

Ripples IoT indoor positioning platform with Bluetooth mesh technology


IoT Indoor position system platform

If you are looking to integrate your machine data and portray it in a meaningful visualization platform for asset tracking solutions, we at Ripples IoT can help you set up an IOT data visualization development infrastructure to meet your business operations monitoring needs.

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