Which is a Reliable Indoor location tracking technology?

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Indoor location tracking technology | Asset tracking

The benefits of deploying indoor location tracking technology such as Bluetooth Low Energy mesh topology are many.  Improved workflow, productivity, and safety are some of the early wins that can be achieved within weeks.  The savings can be in millions of dollars through reduced maintenance in facilities management, improved production and storage efficiency with indoor inventory location tracking, accountability, asset monitoring, and better deployment of the workforce using indoor asset location tracking.

Indoor location tracking technology | Inventory tracking
  • Reducing the cost of operations through automation and control
  • Monitoring location, and environment for safety and compliance in the construction industry
  • In transit prefabricated material tracking and inventory
  • Ensure uptime of facilities and workplace & equipment safety
  • Condition monitoring, and tracking in the construction industry
  • Monitoring of heritage structures, tunnels, buildings
  • Track and monitor objects for resource management, preventing theft
  • Understanding usage patterns of equipment etc for inventory management
Dashboard for inventory location tracking

The typical sensor software platforms, gateway devices, and integrated devices can be deployed across various industries. Indoor farming worker productivity, warehouses, construction sites – for industrial asset tracking, raw material tracking & monitoring, equipment anti-theft monitoring, visitor and workforce tracking at worksites and warehouses, and large construction sites.

Indoor location tracking technology options available

Wi-Fi-based tracking utilizes the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to estimate the location of devices. Wi-Fi access points can measure signal strength and triangulate the position of devices within a space. This technology is widely adopted and can provide good accuracy, but it relies on the availability and density of Wi-Fi access points and the network is susceptible to electrical interferences.

BLE mesh beacons are small, battery-powered devices that transmit signals to nearby devices. By measuring the signal strength from multiple beacons, a device can estimate its location. BLE mesh beacons are easy to deploy and can achieve good accuracy, they do not require installing and maintaining the beacon infrastructure.

UWB technology uses short-range radio waves to measure the time it takes for signals to travel between devices. It can provide highly accurate positioning with centimeter-level precision. UWB requires specialized hardware and infrastructure, and it is commonly used in applications like asset tracking or indoor navigation.

Computer vision techniques use cameras and image processing algorithms to track the position of objects or people within a space. This technology can be accurate and adaptable to different environments, but it requires appropriate camera placement, and image processing capabilities, and may raise privacy concerns.

The choice of the best indoor location tracking technology depends on factors such as accuracy requirements, cost, infrastructure constraints, privacy considerations, and the specific use case. It’s advisable to evaluate multiple technologies and consider the unique needs of your application before making a decision.

Remote diagnostic solution

Our location tracking and monitoring solutions are engineered for public and private enterprises, it’s an all-in-a-box solution that comprises best-in-class tags, sensors, large-scale Bluetooth mesh network, open-source software framework, flexible reporting tools, data analytics, failsafe systems, and agile alert mechanism to ensure 24 x 7 monitoring of your shop floor operations.

Deploying an on-premise indoor tracking system

Provide us with the layout diagram of your typical shop floor map, construction sites, warehouses, factories, and logistics yards. Our expert group will ascertain the ballpark estimates along with the deployment and implementation plan.

Dashboard, Bluetooth inventory beacons, tags 

Indoor location tracking and monitoring using Bluetooth tags and sensor devices have capabilities to capture environment-centric information such as location. temperature, humidity, pressure & vibration. The real-time data transmission happens without wires to a central dashboard software – with a choice of on-premise or cloud storage.

Indoor inventory location tracking technology such as Bluetooth mesh can be easily deployed on pallets, moving equipment, and workforce helmets.