Questions on the best Indoor location tracking software

Indoor location tracking technology 

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Ripples IOT indoor location tracking solutions

Indoor location tracking solutions – localization warehouses, factories, shipyards, mines & construction sites. Some of the questions that we face from our customers and prospects during factory visits. They want integrated solutions that are affordable, easy to deploy, low-cost maintenance, and with all required international certifications.

Q. Firstly we want to zone our workers. This would enable us to know who is present in which activity room or particular equipment at a given time duration

Our factory floor monitoring solution has functions to divide the shop floor (warehouse, factory, hospital, workshop) into 5×5 meter virtual zones and provide the location and movement of workers, and their proximity to certain equipment.

Q After this, we want to know the utilization of our production equipment. We want to know this in order to ensure that plants and machinery are being used optimally.

A. We have equipment utilization monitoring devices integrated into our shop floor monitoring system, which gives a breakup of the hourly usage of various equipment. Wireless acceleration tags are attached to each of this equipment. This data can be used for workflow analytics purposes.

Q. The plant works for 24 hours 6 days a week. Sometimes our workers speed up manufacturing by sacrificing the quality of the final product in order to free themselves from working longer hours. We ensure that their plant is constantly running and there’s no unnecessary idle time for machines.

Indoor location tracking with Wirepas mesh beacons

A. The time spent by each worker in a specific zone will be accurately recorded by our indoor localization warehouses system, ensuring readily available to the operations manager. Wirepas Indoor positioning systems.

Q. In order to make this possible they want us to give comprehensive reports of people moving into the facility and co-relate it with equipment utilization hence enabling them to address this issue.

A. Workers can be divided into different categories such as inspectors, trainers, and contractors. They can be grouped under leaders to understand their behavior on the factory shop floor.

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