Indoor asset tracking as a service, factories, warehouses, maintenance

Indoor asset tracking as a service !!

What is indoor asset tracking ? We had received a requirement from a gear manufacturing factory to help them track the contractors who’d visit their facility on a regular basis. Indoor positioning is one solution that can efficiently handle such a requirement. Our indoor asset tracking platform would not only show the current location of the contractors within this facility but would also provide our users with movement matrices of these contractors in order to ensure their safety within the plant. In case the contractors were to move into any of the restricted areas an alert will be issued to those concerned regarding these violations. Now, indoor localization available as a service to track high value inventory and spares in oil & gas, aviation and electronics manufacturing industries. !!

Ripples IOT - Indoor asset location tracking use cases - Workflow production management, contractor safety

Ripples IoT indoor asset location tracking use cases, Production Inventory tracking , workflow, shop floor monitoring

Warehouse indoor asset location tracking use cases

A leading cargo company had approached us with a problem statement that revolved around their forklifts and  pallets. The company wanted to understand and record the movement of around 600 steel pallets across three of their branches in Asia. They wanted such a solution in place as time and again the company kept facing losses incurred due to lost or misplaced pallets. With the adoption of our solution, our client was not only able to understand the movement of these pallets between different branches but they were also able to understand the time spent by these pallets at those supplier warehouses and zones enabling optimal utilization of these pallets across the organization.

Smart manufacturing 

One major pain point we help our clients address across various industrial verticals is their need to locate and track various assets within their work environment. The time lost in trying to locate such assets is one of the major causes of reduced workforce productivity. We were able to develop a successful PoC on such a requirement for an indoor positioning solution, from an electronics manufacturing MNC for one of their plants housing around 200 high-value assets spread across an area of 20,000 sq. ft. During PoC execution, the shop floor technicians were excited and pleased with the actionable insights our data and reports provided them with. The indoor asset tracking platform was also able to provide them alerts in case these assets were being misplaced. We also offer condition monitoring solutions capable of reducing unforeseen breakdowns thanks to intelligent predictive maintenance capabilities of our industrial IPT use cases on the platform with indoor positioning analytics

Bluetooth indoor positioning use cases – workflow & knowledge transfer

Our indoor tracking platform is capable of assigning workflows to various members of the workforce. Our comprehensive solutions in this space are also capable of analyzing employee adherence to such assigned workflows and the concerned officials will be notified in the event of defaulters. The solution is also capable of assigning team leads within groups and to an extent is able to understand the dynamics between group members and respective team leads. This was added to our IoT platform as a standard feature due to consistent demand from multiple prospects belonging to assorted industrial verticals.

IOT asset tracking – The best indoor positioning system

Our solutions are completely wireless hence negating any worries about infrastructural budgets involved in deploying a new hardware solution. We also offer DIY evaluation kits to our customers with a 1-year subscription to our smart manufacturing platform at the least cost of implementation and maintenance. Upgrades and customization are also available and our team is well equipped with web security and customer-centric project management practices.

Indoor localization asset tracking use cases in assembly line

We offer an array of solutions for production management and production optimization. After running a thorough gap analysis and factory site inspection, our engineers deduce an optimal solution architecture addressing the KPIs that can be tweaked within the organization in order to improve equipment and overall efficiency. Our workforce monitoring suite has proven to be a gem in large production lines by providing valuable insights to decision-makers with regard to workforce efficiency and productivity. Feel free to reach out to our engineers for a free demo/preliminary gap analysis to understand which solutions would suit your company the best to help boost overall performance. Read about Digital twin in smart manufacturing

Ripples IoT asset tracking, Industrial Indoor tracking use cases - asset, inventory, worker safety

Preventive maintenance & indoor localization 

A leading hospital had requested our assistance in understanding the movement of technicians and maintenance personnel within their healthcare facility during their scheduled visits. They wanted to ensure that the technicians were inspecting the equipment that were allocated to them for maintenance and repair exercises. With the implementation of our solution, the hospital facility managers were now able to keep a track of the devices and equipment inspected by the technicians and a detailed report of these activities were also logged during such visits. 

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Ripples IOT indoor location tracking use cases - Preventive maintenance, workflow monitoring

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