How to deploy Indoor Asset Location Tracking

Indoor asset tracking solutions

An indoor asset location tracking software for activity monitoring can help in facilities management in warehousing, hospitals and factories. Focus on improved worker productivity, production efficiency, lone worker safety, compliance & readiness. Our ready-to-deploy, mesh-enabled indoor GPS location tracking software for the warehouse shop floor, hospital workflow management, warehouse asset management & indoor worker tracking. An integrated digital twin solution should comprise of cloud or on-premise multilingual software platform, middleware, edge gateway, and sensor devices for Indoor asset visibility and tracking solutions

Indoor GPS asset tracking for facilities management

Our innovative range of indoor asset & location tracking platform with facility management is ideal for factories, hospitals, warehouses, eCommerce logistics, construction sites, indoor farms etc. Enabling shop floor efficiency, worker safety, workforce productivity, asset tracking & monitoring using indoor positioning analytics.

For system integrators, the Ripples Indoor positioning IoT platform provides a set of ready-to-deploy features that greatly speed up the development, help customers leverage the benefits driven through productivity & safety. Our range of Industrial monitoring includes certified asset tracking tags,  temperature & humidity Bluetooth mesh devices, gateway, secure firmware, cloud application software, a set of ready-to-deploy use case templates, indoor GPS implementation  & training, and services.

Indoor asset location tracking solutions

A secure, indoor asset location tracking software on cloud, is a multi-layer, multi-lingual IoT platform solution that enables simple and elegant provisioning, management, and automation of wired and wireless devices within the Industrial Internet of Things applications. It seamlessly connects your diverse wired and wireless devices to the platform by using flexible options, secure security mechanisms, and robust data processing methods in a production environment, facilities management, workflow monitoring etc.

Indoor asset location tracking

Creating a digital twin model and deploying workflow & asset inventory help in optimizing processes and productivity. For example, the warehouse or hospital reception area can be divided into multiple zones and the entire sequence of operations can be monitored for movement of people, equipment, or inventory to improve workforce safety, compliance, protection of key people, monitoring repair & preventive maintenance, locating emergency tools using our IOT platform for indoor asset tracking, warehouse monitoring tags.

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