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Asset tracking in ophthalmology clinics and orthopaedic speciality hospitals

Measuring patient waiting times in ophthalmology clinics

Patient experience and safety have become important for specialty clinics and small format hospitals in orthopedics, gynecology, cardiology, etc to ensure that patient waiting times are measured to provide timely attention and medical care.  Our easy-to-install patient tracking systems provide the right solution to enhance the patient experience and operational workflow in the hospital.  The asset tracking solution, apart from ensuring the timely availability of medical devices, medical staff, preventive maintenance, housekeeping, and related activities. The floor area will be divided into virtual zones to help measuring the time in the time out.

Warehouse forklift tracking solutions

A leading cargo company approached us with a problem statement that revolved around their forklifts and pallets. The company wanted to understand and record the movement of around 600 steel pallets across three of its branches in Asia. They wanted such a solution in place as time and again the company kept facing losses incurred due to lost or misplaced pallets. With the adoption of our solution, our client was not only able to understand the movement of these pallets between different branches but they were also able to understand the time spent by these pallets at those supplier warehouses and zones enabling optimal utilization of these pallets across the organization. Also used for forklift tracking to improve productivity, and reduce accidents.

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IOT asset tracking in factories

Indoor asset tracking in factories

What is indoor asset tracking solution ? We had received a requirement from a gear manufacturing factory to help them track the contractors who visits their facility on a regular basis. Indoor positioning is one solution that can efficiently handle such a requirement. Our asset tracking solution with iot  platform would not only show the current location of the assets within this facility but would also provide our users with movement matrices of these workers in order to ensure their safety within the plant. In case the lone workers were to move into any of the restricted areas an alert will be issued to those concerned regarding these violations. Now, indoor localization available as a service for tracking group of assets, inventory and spares in oil & gas, aviation and electronics manufacturing industries.

Lone Worker tracking

When the employee, contractor, or visitor passes through the predefined zones, the system will automatically capture the zone and time of entry. The same applies when she moves within different zones such as production, stores, dispatch, dining area, etc. Our low-powered Bluetooth mesh network can give coverage of 100,000 sq. meters and divide the area into 5 x 5 square meter zones for lone worker tracking & workflow monitoring. Noncontact technology is completely safe, RoHS is certified by European standards on transmission and radiation. The list of employees can be uploaded into the system using an excel file.

Ripples iot worker tracking solutions

Ripples iot lone worker safety devices

Indoor gps asset tracking (アセット トラッキング) use cases

We offer an array of solutions for production management and production optimization. After running a thorough gap analysis and factory site inspection, our engineers deduce an optimal solution architecture addressing the KPIs that can be tweaked within the organization in order to improve equipment and overall efficiency. Our workforce monitoring suite has proven to be a gem in large production lines by providing valuable insights to decision-makers with regard to workforce efficiency and productivity. Feel free to reach out to our engineers for a free demo/preliminary gap analysis to understand which solutions would suit your company the best to help boost overall performance using gps asset tracking. Read about Digital twin

Call us to speak to our panel of experts who can guide you through indoor asset location tracking hardware, the asset tracking solution with use cases, and deployment as a service that will help improve efficiencies, safety & compliance in healthcare, warehousing, construction, manufacturing, oil & gas, aviation, and electronics industries. アセット トラッキング

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