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IOT adopter SE Hospital, a leading cataract, and eye care center based in India has adopted the Ripples Indoor Air quality/environment monitoring system to reduce infection, improve the safety and security of patients admitted for surgical cases.

The wireless Indoor air quality alerts sensor modules deployed on the mesh network transmit data at preset intervals to an internal gateway device and provide dashboard information on hygiene and safety parameters inside the operation theatre. The data visualisation tools and alerts provide insights into the compliance, operations & maintenance departments

Indoor Air quality alerts monitoring solutions

The deployment of IOT in the Healthcare monitoring system at  SEH hardly required any effort and the information from the operation theatre environment was made visible on the dashboard within an hour. No hassles with wiring or network cables or router configuration. Besides, the layout being spread across many floors, the mesh network topology of our sensor modules came as a boon to the eye hospital in terms of ease of deployment and procurement of gateway devices.

IOT in hospitals – easier quality certification

In the process of certifying for NABH accreditation, SEH will benefit much from data-driven evidence for patient safety, infection control, and security.

In the next phase of the project, the management has asked for a rollout of the condition monitoring system for critical equipment such as power systems, central air conditioners, water purifiers, etc.

IOT in  hospital Indoor Air quality standards & compliances

The Indoor air quality wireless devices operate at power levels similar to Bluetooth devices and at significantly lower levels than average cell phones. Also, the duty cycles (the amount of time the radios are actually on versus off) are thousands of times less than Bluetooth devices.  The operation in the 2.4GHz frequency band according to IEEE 802.15.4

RipplesIOT provides ready-to-deploy Indoor air quality alerts, dashboards, hospital workflow & inventory  & asset tracking solutions for verticals such as manufacturing, healthcare, warehousing, construction & agriculture.

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