Warehouse inventory management simplified

Warehouse Inventory tracking tags

Improving warehouse inventory management with our inventory tracking software can open new doors to value add in supply chain logistics. The system can also greatly enhance the productivity of operational staff through proper stacking and localization of high value inventory

  • Take less time to locate the position of inventory with an accuracy of 2.5 meters
  • Integrate existing barcode / passive Warehouse RFID part numbering with indoor positioning
  • Exact location and authenticity of production trollies, bins, part numbers
  • Wireless deployment of inventory trackings tags & dashboard software
  • API for connecting with the existing inventory system and ERP software
  • Deploy trolly and bin inventory tracking in groups

Iot in warehouse inventory management, ready to deploy solutionsWarehouse inventory, RFID in warehousing for inventory management

Warehouse Inventory management

In a manufacturing/supply chain and warehousing environment, it is often critical to ascertain the location of the truck and the bins or pallets carried in them. With the help of universally accepted Bluetooth Low Energy RFID asset tracking, the transshipment, loading, and unloading can be traced to the last mile.

  • Locate where the truck currently is on GPS coordinates
  • Understand the loading of filled trays in a distribution system
  • Using tags to track pallet from production to distribution & retail
  • Understanding the consumption of pallets in stock and empty bins
  • Monitoring temperature humidity of the inventory bins

Warehouse inventory counting

No more cases of missing part numbers in production or lost spares in a logistics workshop environment. Our indoor tracking system for inventory software offers seamless integration with existing freight logistics ERP solutions to provide single window visibility.

  • How many trays of food articles are loaded inside the retail store

  • How many boxes of chocolates are contained in each of the trays

  • Spared in a logistics supply chain operations workshop

Improving warehouse Inventory counting

Whenever the third-party integrated barcode or RFID is scanned to record the inward or outward spares/inventory, our system will be able to aggregate the count at the warehouse or production floor.

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