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IOT in hospital staff management

With businesses getting back to near normal scenario, it is important for the management to look at implementing solutions that will improve the productivity and safety of the blue and white collared workforce. The advent of wireless technology does not interfere with health standards. Bluetooth technology is apt for such deployments and a mesh network brings protection against electrical interferences and network reliability to ensure the systems work with full reliability.

Workforce productivity planning and management

Hospital staff tracking and monitoring solutions can be enabled by deploying miniature tags on safety vests, helmets of the worker. The hospital shop floor can be divided into zones of 5 meters area and the movement of staff can be tracked at regular intervals (5 minutes to 1-hour frequency)

This solution dashboard can be accessed using tablet devices for the shop floor supervisors to monitor the movement, time spent by the workforce in the zones defined. Applicable to hospitals, construction sites, factories, indoor farm tracking, shipyards, warehouse inventory, etc.

For the healthcare industry, the contract workers can be paid their wages on time through the accurate computation of hours spent at the site using IOT in workforce planning management.

Hospitals can use the technology to know the movement of staff nurses, paramedical and operation theatre staff, apart from ensuring minimum requirements at causality, and outpatient departments. The data can be accessed using any browser-based system and the solution can be deployed on public or private cloud.

The hospital staff & contract workforce tracking solution is capable of monitoring scenarios based on business and operating procedure rules. Hand wash, pre-inspection, Covid 19 tests, lunch break etc.

Low cost of maintenance is a key factor to consider when deploying such IOT hospital workforce planning solutions, hence the battery life, wiring costs, inspection, electrical compliance, etc need to be taken into account.

The hospital workforce can be classified as blue and white-collar, ranks, experience and designation, given time slots, go-no-go zones, physical distancing norms, danger zones, etc.

The solution also holds good for tracking of job order files in factories, warehouses, logistics yards and schools. Your business partners can be given access to the shop floor information, especially related to the dispatch of finished goods.

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