Now, stop theft of fixed assets in hospitals

Ripples IOT in hospital asset location tracking solutions

Safety, compliance, patient experience

How do you track hospital equipment? “Not knowing where things are, can be inconvenient at best. In hospitals, not having wheelchairs, beds, and infusion pumps available at the right time can impede the required daily care. But as patients are frequently on the move, keeping track of hospital assets proves challenging in practice.” – Liam van Koert. IOT platform for healthcare, hospital asset tracking systems, Indoor patient tracking, and staff workflow monitoring can increase productivity, and enhance the patient experience and safety.

Hospital asset tracking systems

  • Deploy indoor positioning systems to improve experience, productivity & safety
  • Locate wheelchairs, stretchers, and portable ECGs easily to improve staff productivity
  • Example of medical device tracking how it is and how it should be mapped using data visualization in hospitals
  • Indoor localization  and mapping solutions for tracking assets in healthcare
  • Understand the movement of outpatients during peak hours using real time asset tracking in hospitals
  • Hospital asset tracking solutions are good for audit, and activity-based costing.
  • Monitor indoor air quality, CO2 levels to prevent infection in real time emergency response management
  • Attendance monitoring & logging at working zones using indoor location systems
  • A reliable, mesh network overcomes the challenges of tracking assets using Internet of Things (IoT) in hospitals
  • Hospital management software with RTLS in hospitals for surgical workflow tracking

Ripples IOT Hospital Asset tracking systems - RTLS - real time patient flow management with asset tracking in hospitals

Hospital asset tracking systems

Track and trace the high-value and critical equipment within the campus of the hospital with an accuracy of 5 meters. Improve staff productivity, people’s safety, security, and convenience. Enhance patient flow matrices. The unique hospital asset tracking solutions do not require any wiring to be done during installation, run on battery, and, can be deployed in a few days. We offer integrated hospital software to enhance the patient experience by reducing patient waiting times.

Hospital digital Twin solutions are aiding healthcare tracking to gain valuable insights into their hospital inventories and working environment with remote condition monitoring solutions. The real-time data will help in improving overall operational efficiency and assist the administrators to make proactive decisions in improving security, safety, and operations with real-time hospital workflow management & patient location tracking

Asset tracking in hospitals & Digital twin

Operation theatres are said to be the sanctum sanctorum of any Hospital.  With asset tracking in hospitals, The location, air quality, temperature, humidity, and hygiene have to be monitored accurately to avoid infections. Noncontact body temperature measurement and safe distancing can be implemented. Usually, the OTs are sterilized after each day’s work, so it is crucial to detect any intruder presence at odd hours. Read more about monitoring temperature & pressure in operation theatre

Cold chain traceability in hospital laboratories

Server rooms are usually the central node of any hospital. The servers should be maintained in a cool environment and are crucial to maintaining the temperature at a certain level.  Similarly, in pathology labs, the testing condition has to be optimal, and temperature & humidity monitoring has to be kept in check all the time. In both cases, there is a need for proper solutions which can be deployed without the added cost of electrical cabling. A wireless RTLS for hospital asset management, to provide asset location with real-time location, improving healthcare facility and enhanced patient care.

Tracking assets & monitoring preventive maintenance

It is a very common practice in big hospitals to have high-priced equipment like portable scanning machines be moved from one department to another. From ED to patient wards to OTs, the staff uses a variety of high-priced equipment to treat the patients. With the asset tracking in hospitals, the administrators would be able to know which equipment is in which department.  This also prevents any potential theft as well. On similar lines, we can also track the number of wheelchairs or stretchers at a particular location using our hospital inventory tracking solution. Improve hospital resource planning through our easy-to-deploy solutions.

Most hospital administrator offices, stores, and accounts rooms have an operational time. It is important to track and monitor any intruder presence in the above-mentioned places after office hours. Ripples IoT hospital staff tracking and security monitoring system will immediately alert any unwanted intruder presence in such places for hospital staff efficiency monitoring.

Hospital workflow in Wards & Nursing rounds

The hospital workforce including junior doctors, nurses, ward assistants, etc. is a lot in numbers and it is very difficult to track them at a given point in time. With Ripples IoT hospital asset tracking solutions, the workforce can be tracked easily and it is also easy to get their count at a particular location where needed. The check-in and check-out can also be automated easily.

IOT in hospitals for real time patient flow 

Toilets are one place we all think twice to go outside our home, especially if it is a hospital toilet. It is very important to keep the hospital toilets neat, clean, and with a pleasant odor. With indoor air quality monitoring solutions, authorities will be able to remotely monitor the air quality and the ammonia levels inside the toilet. Hospital asset tracking system for improving patient experience, tracking, and management of wheelchairs, and medical equipment, using location data to enhance patient care, and healthcare asset tracking for surgical workflow management knowing medical asset location can enhance patient safety.

These are just a few use cases we have built or implemented in a health institution environment. Of course, we can do a lot more like water level monitoring in tanks, light modulation according to the human presence, exhaust automation, etc. With proper dashboard and sensor data visualization tools, we assure better insights into the daily hospital operations using wireless asset tracking in hospitals.

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