IOT in healthcare workflow uses cases, examples

Hospital workflow, patient wait times 

How can hospitals improve workflows? Enhance the patient experience with healthcare workflow management solutions  – The cloud-ready software for experience management hospital patient safety, operation theatre equipment tracking and staff productivity monitoring functions is the apt surgical workflow software for measuring performance matrices – enabling medical research, enhanced productivity, patient safety & compliance. – From outpatient consulting departments, operation theatre workflow, post-operative wards, operation theaters, stores, pharmacies & laboratories. A few iot in healthcare examples using wearable devices are discussed here to improve workflow management in healthcare industry.

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Measuring surgical workflows
Surgery patients can be provided with beacons to introduce operation theatre performance matrices
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Emergency department
At least 10 nurses should be available at any given time in the casuality department to take care of emergencies.
House keeping
Monitoring housekeeping staff, visits all the designated inpatient rooms at least once in a day.
Crowd control
No more than 10 outpatients should be present in the laboratory waiting area of the ophthalmology department.
Patient wait time
Send alert to operations manager if outpatient waiting time for front office zone exceeds 10 minutes with workflow management in healthcare.
The housekeeping staff must visit all the designated inpatient rooms at least once in a day
Preventive Maintenance
To ensure that bio medical engineers and technicians do regular preventive maintenance and checks on critical hospital equipment.
Nursing rounds
Ensuring that each nursing station complies with regular medical rounds in the general wards and rooms

IOT in healthcare use cases & examples

Healthcare workflow management

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Example of healthcare workflows
  • Time taken to complete tasks in surgical departments (Ortho, Gynec)
  • Surgical workflow analysis to improve patient safety
  • Human presence detection to improve patient safety & support emergency evacuation procedures, provider workflow in healthcare.
  • Indoor mapping of patient workflow, wait times in designated hospital area
  • Hospital workflow examples include the ease in understanding the peak time patient count in each department
  • Know the group of nurses who accompanied senior consultants at rounds
  • Monitor junior staff that shadowed seniors during regular rounds
  • Tools for measuring patient wait times for positive patient experience.
  • Ascertain the number of patients walking into each department
  • Surgical workflow software for reducing patient wait times
  • Know the group of nurses who accompanies a senior consultant at rounds
  • Healthcare surgical workflow management software integration.

IOT in healthcare workflow management

Benefits of hospital indoor positioning systems include lower patient wait times and improved staff productivity. Information such as entry and exit time of hospital patients, visitors, and staff along with time spent can be co-related with similar reports generated within the hospital premises, which would go on to provide critical insights into contact tracing efforts that would be made in the unfortunate case of hospital staff contracting diseases. Healthcare management is constantly about improved efficiency, patient flow, patient outcomes, hospital workflows, and industry compliance. Medical practices can improve communication systems and automated workflows in the healthcare process by monitoring hospital workflows, which results in improved patient flow and enhanced patient care by implementing iot in healthcare industry.

IOT in healthcare use cases

  • Ready to deploy workflow management in healthcare monitoring
  • Monitor preventive maintenance schedules with healthcare workflow
  • Understand the time spent on repairs in various departments
  • Frequently visited, maintained departments, equipment & technicians
  • Monitoring the group activities of housekeeping & medical wards
  • Locate portable equipment like wheelchair, stretcher, ECG machine, etc
  • Understand maintenance staff visits to department with healthcare workflow solutions
  • Alerts on theft if medical equipment move away from their designated positions
  • Know which is the equipment that moved between departments

Deploying Digital twin in healthcare would allow the operational managers to enhance patient safety, reduce wait time & understand staff productivity. As seen in our hospital indoor location system, the people count is shown in red wherever there are more than the permitted number of patients or medical staff. Improve medical practices, patient safety, process workflow in healthcare management, provide workflow analysis in patient admissions and discharges, improve electronic health records tracking.

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