Great reasons to Implement inventory tracking with RTLS

RipplesIPS inventory tracking in factories for groups

Inventory tracking for groups

Getting to know about What is Real-time Location System (RTLS) ? is will help organizations understand the benefits and deploy these productivity and safety solutions in a time-bound manner. RTLS-based group inventory tracking comes in handy when you need to pair inventories, people, and equipment,  which can be deployed to ensure optimal inventory management on the production shop floors when deployed on a resilient mesh network.

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Group tracking of inventory in production

Often, in the case of a production scenario in the electronic manufacturing space, there is the need to track inventory in grouped bins – for example, a production inventory trolly will contain n number of bins filled with raw materials, which are tagged as part of the production kit and the need is for the shop floor manager understand the inventory of ready for production, waiting for procurement and empty trollies. With the help of indoor positioning systems, a grouped tracking function in the digital twin platform, it is now easy to track inventories to help improve the manufacturing, repairs, and maintenance workflow.

RTLS based group asset tracking solutions

What is RTLS inventory management for groups? It is often necessary for grouped workers tracking to monitor their movement within the factory shop floor. This will help in understanding the group activities better. Such as the progress of tasks managed by a group of abnormality managers, segregation of the workers based on expertise and seniority, and their need to be tracked in the production zones. Mapping of the junior and senior workforce to implement knowledge management. Grouped tracking of shop floor workers, and technicians during plant maintenance shutdowns – understand the areas visited, the time spent at each location where equipment is located, capturing the exact time spent in repairing mission-critical equipment.

RTLS based asset inventory tracking

  • Grouping location of blue and white caller workers based on seniority
  • Ensuring production inventory is stored & dispatched together for efficiencies
  • Monitoring Cayman safety as they move through the production shop floor
  • Classification and grouping of factory assets based on usage, expertise levels
  • Ensuring usage of safety vests while attending to shop floor inspection
  • Grouping of the workforce for specific tasks such as preventive maintenance or inspection
  • Grouping of inventory items specific to a customer, to help with the shipping industry
  • Digital twin in manufacturing for improving supply chain visibility.

RTLS for tracking of groups

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