Factory floor tracking at the lowest cost / sq mtr

Best IOT solutions for plant ship floor tracking of assets and inventory

Improve factory workflow visibility

Factory floor tracking and monitoring systems that offer the lowest of cost / sq meters of area coverage. This is usually computed by taking into consideration the indoor accuracy (2.5 sq meters and above), the transmission frequency – how often to detect the movement of the object, the cost of wiring & other infrastructure, the battery life, the speed and ease of deployment and the integration offered with inventory, asset, and workforce monitoring solutions along with shop floor time tracking.

Factory floor tracking in lean manufacturing

Indoor positioning systems can be deployed in industrial buildings for tracking inventory, assets & workforce.  The data are available through such a system provided time-in and time-out functions, whereby the time spent by the object in a specific zone is determined using the triangulation mechanism provided by mesh or other network technologies for factory track analytics. Shop floor data collection for smart manufacturing, providing real-time visibility in smart manufacturing.

Ripples IoT factory workflow tracking and monitoring

IOT in factory floor tracking applications

Simple factory floor indoor monitoring solutions include the measurement of temperature in electrical circuits and machines to help detect overheating. Repairs &preventive maintenance tracker.

Monitoring of pressure – The dust particles (PM 2.5 monitoring)that are produced during the granulation process may enter the air and could contaminate other products. The increased pressure prevents the air containing this dust and any other contaminants from reaching the sterile environment such as in the pharmaceutical industry.

Temperature Humidity measurement is an important tool for predicting the climate outdoors as well as controlling the climate indoors. Humidity control is especially important in living, storage, and manufacturing sites. Read about Sensor data visualization tools.

Ripples IOT factory shop floor tracking, sensor data visualisation tools.

Realtime factory floor monitoring | zero wiring

The new generation indoor positioning system offers, apart from the location of the object with certain accuracy (2.5 meters and above), certain moving objects would also have the need of monitoring aspects such as temperature (cold chain), humidity (waterproof), pressure (dust control) and shock. These multi-function location & monitoring Bluetooth mesh beacons are capable of providing indoor location and other information such as temperature & humidity alerts to help smart warehouses, and factories constantly monitor the production and storage facilities to ensure the highest workplace safety and productivity using factory tracking solutions.

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