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IOT for factory automation, worker attendance tracking, health and safety monitoring, production efficiency in manufacturing

Labour management and attendance tracking

A great value proposition in factory automation, worker tracking for health and safety, inspection and attendance. Smart manufacturing shop floor certification related inspections and workflow monitoring, facilities management, inventory tracking in electronics manufacturing, warehouse inventory & supply chain logistics.

  • Tracking tags with a transmission frequency of 10 minutes
  • No wiring for tags or gateways to set up the system
  • Indoor positioning systems with massive mesh technology for large areas
Shop floor inspection & workforce Management

Search and locate industrial assets on the production floor instantly. Tracking the progress of production workflows by monitoring the position of inventory and finished goods, and members of the workforce based on their individual roles and responsibilities. This will result in a significant increase in labor coordination, efficiency, and productivity.

Production efficiency in electronics manufacturing

Optimize the use of industrial assets. Predictive and remote maintenance of fixed assets. Monitor the deviations of the expected processes and perform root cause analysis where needed.

Safety monitoring and labour management

Monitor in real-time the position of the members of the workforce (and contractors) in the presence of risk situations. Improve emergency evacuation. Reduce associated costs and liabilities. Location-based workflow management to monitor the actual work performed. Automated audit and control. Reduce overall management costs and associated costs with Workflow software 

Factory worker tracking

The solution we propose is an advanced massive IOT/ Big Data solution for Smart Factory automation in shop floor monitoring. This solution uses Industrial grade IOT technologies to monitor in real-time and with high precision (3 to 5-meter range) the position of the workforce and industrial assets in the relevant factory environment. The wireless sensor data is processed in the cloud / on-premise server to extract valuable knowledge about the execution of industrial processes and to optimize the efficiency of manufacturing in hi-tech industries.

Attendance tracking for production efficiency

  • Tracking the movement of contractors in factories
  • Monitoring the different stages of production
  • Monitoring supervisor & subordinate coordination
  • Deploy IOT in shop-floor inspection & compliance
  • Pallet & forklift location monitoring
  • Workflow management in electronics manufacturing
  • Facilities management and asset management workforce
Production efficiency, labour management, attendance tracking & workforce monitoring in factories, factory worker tracking

Unsure about how to deploy Indoor positioning analytics for factory worker health and safety tracking & automation? To attend our Industry 4.0 training sessions. Our IOT consultants will be willing to run a proof of technology for a week to help you get started with indoor positioning systems for Employee tracking, Real-time monitoring, Workforce management, Labor management, Time and attendance, Safety monitoring, Attendance tracking & Production efficienc