How to best implement Digital Twins in Manufacturing

Ripples IOT Indoor positioning analytics , digital twins in manufacturing

Ripples IOT Indoor positioning systems, Digital twin in manufacturing

Digital twins in manufacturing

We recently deployed a 100% wireless solution for Schlumberger to track the production schedules of submersible marine pumps, helping the client efficiently track and predict potential delays in the different phases of the production assembly line using Digital twins in manufacturing.

The digital twins in manufacturing, mesh network deployment for machine breakdown tracking can grow to larger areas and multiple locations. With a unified dashboard for smart factories, enabling business intelligence insights on the movement of inventory, equipment, supervisors, technicians, preventive maintenance, worker scheduling, and movement of production material to take a review of digital twin applications in manufacturing downtime tracking

Productivity savings & benefits of digital twins in manufacturing

Deploy digital twin software in smart factories to reduce the time for an inspection and effectively ensure preventive maintenance schedules are followed.  Remote monitoring using temperature humidity sensors, for example, will help the supervisors receive alerts and notifications on the dashboard of the critical equipment from the data visualization tools for improving production.

Manufacturing industry efficiency, safety, compliance

Demand for precision, speed, and volume has made the manufacturing industry depend highly on sophisticated equipment and a skilled workforce. This has put high pressure on the manufacturer to keep them in working condition and a well-coordinated team. Though systems are put in place for facilities management, preventive maintenance tracking, unexpected breakdowns occur, causing unplanned repair and maintenance. Even when problems in machines and equipment get recorded, the damages caused often are gone unrecorded. Read about the benefits of RTLS solutions.

Above this involvement of humans causing negligence, theft, and abuse inside the shop floor, warehouse, and supply chain add up to the risk. Often damages are noticed by the end-user affecting organizational reputation. 

With RipplesIPS Digital twin in manufacturing solutions, you can locate and monitor the usage, performance, operating conditions, etc. of the equipment and machinery to get actionable insights. These indoor tracking solutions for electronics manufacturing can be used as remote asset tracking & monitoring, factory inventory tracking, or can help in data acquisition for your OEE Software, WMS or BMS.

  • Individual equipment tracking & monitoring on the production line
  • Factory indoor inventory stocktake and tracking & location monitoring
  • Abnormality manager attending to calls and logging on to the CMMS software
  • Automated data logging from manufacturing equipment
  • Real-time data collection based on the movement of work in progress
  • Data insights dashboard on the floor map
  • Instant alerts and notifications on abnormal values
  • Asset handling insights using Sensor data visualization tools
  • Forklift tracking to measure utilization. prevent accidents.
  • Group tracking of production inventory, equipment, and workforce for specialized jobs

Benefits of the digital twin in manufacturing

“Digital twin is a living model that drives a business outcome (Colin J. Parris, GE) – Even if we’re only really still seeing the tip of the possibility iceberg, sometimes it requires a bit of imagination to understand these opportunities. Digital twins are a perfect example of this and are key to the Industry 4.0 vision and the Industrial Internet. Digital twins are definitely poised to deliver upon their many promises in manufacturing and beyond. A clear token of that is the growing support of digital twin use cases in Industrial IoT platforms”
Applications of digital twin in industrial manufacturing 

We believe this data plays a vital role in modern automation systems across industries. Digital twin in manufacturing and breakdown tracking of mechanical systems with linear or angular positioning are some other examples related to this use case.  Our on-premise / could application is highly scalable and expandable, so if you have an industrial area spanning a large area, our Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) modules can form a mesh network of their own and operate within the location for smart pallet tracking, etc.

Contact us to learn more about the digital twin for smart manufacturing, production inventory tracking, implementation methodology, dashboard software, data visualization tools, mesh-enabled wireless deployment, and installation & training plans.