IOT return on investment

IOT & Digital twin return on investment

Digital Twin is still in its early stages and businesses in manufacturing, construction and warehousing are unsure about the benefits of deploying shop floor monitoring solutions and how to go about acquiring and implementing these technologies. The IOT hype is over but the trough of disillusionment typically precedes mainstream adoption with failed trials and proof of concept deployments.

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Indoor location tracking – IOT return on investment 
  • Warehouse storage optimization
    • Understand the utilization of storage bays
    • Tracking of Pallets, bins, trollies
  • Production shopfloor streamlining
    • Understand the time spend in production zones
    • Know about the movement of workers in different zones
    • Ascertain equipment that needs frequent inspection
  • Contribute towards sustainability
    • Monitoring lights, idle machines
  • Reduce energy consumption through proactive steps
    • Detect ground leakages, current consumption
  • Reduce the cost of preventive maintenance
  • Enables shop floor data visualization for immediately actionable items
    • Easy to deploy solutions with machine data
  • Bring measurement factors into equipment usage patterns
    • Plan actionable insights based on usage
  • Understand the operating environment and behavior of equipment
    • Vibration, tilt, overheating
  • Improve productivity & safety through environment monitoring
    • Temperature, humidity, pressure, Indoor Air Quality
  • Reduction in manual inspection steps
    • Single point monitoring for legacy machines
  • Adherence to proper process workflow
    • Asset tracking for compliance
IOT return on investment matters

The ultimate goal is to transform the operations using retrofit solutions and maximize return on investment in digital twin solutions.  Customers have by now generally accepted Digital twin as the main driver of digital transformation. However, in 2018, they will be looking for the business value of IOT and outcomes in every project. There is no doubt that all newly released products and installed assets will be connected with an increasing amount of industrial location tracking & monitoring sensors and intelligence embedded.

It is important to connect such legacy equipment to bring asset intelligence in the factory to have complete control over shop floor efficiency, asset utilization, and workforce productivity.

To reach us, we can help understand IOT return on investment in the manufacturing industry or building an intelligent warehouse.

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