Digital twin in healthcare

Digital twin in Healthcare with solutions, Hospital automation, indoor positioning

Smart healthcare with IOT in hospitals

Digital twin healthcare solutions – In this era of technology, where everything is working by using the internet then why should the hospitals be left behind? In this digital age, the hospitals will also work smartly so as to keep track of all the equipment like ventilators, ECG, and other medical machinery of daily use. Our smart healthcare IOT solution is actually a software platform that helps in the modern automation of the hospitals and the equipment. With the transformation of every field into digital form, it is necessary to upgrade the health department by making smart hospitals.

Digital twin in healthcare

Operational challenges. Knowing peak time at medical departments. Knowing patient workflow patterns. Understanding team dynamics. Ensuring compliance inspections. Timely preventive maintenance calls can reduce failures. Ensuring the right staff strength in emergency departments. Understanding the movement of portable equipment. Learning about the patient experience. Ensuring physical distancing. Monitoring Indoor Air quality. Implementing asset tracking. Monitoring vaccine storage. Knowing unutilized equipment. Tracking workgroups. Understanding equipment breakdown patterns.

Ripples IOT smart healthcare solutions

Health is more important than wealth so when everything of our daily use is upgraded in order to make our lives easy then why not the hospitals. Each and everything in the hospitals including its working will be done through the use of internet devices. The automation system will make the hospital a more profitable and healthier place than it was ever before. Smart hospitals will be proof of technology deployment in everyday life. 

IOT in hospitals can enhance patient experience and safety

The features of the smart hospital will help in reducing the wait time of the patients at reception, registration, utilizing location data from sensors, and the pharmacy. Everything will be automated and easier. Tracking and counting the patients will be better due to the location information feature. The patient treatment cost will be decreased through the usage of different tools. The smart hospital will be the solution to a lot of problems with the general hospitals. The well-disciplined work and modern tools will help in the faster recovery of the patients than normal.

IOT to Improve hospital staff behavior and productivity

The smart hospitals will have the feature of storing information of the patients about their last visits and the visit duration. It helps the doctors to keep a record of different patients in a digital way. It also helps to ensure the workforce work properly in the hospital according to the given standards. You can check their insights if they are coming up to your standards or not. Moreover, it helps to reduce the timing of searching stretchers, wheelchairs, and different types of equipment. You can locate it with your location-information feature easily. The doctors will also get aid in different functioning like surgeries, medical rounds, and other important visits.

Added benefits from maintenance and facilities management

The facilities like temperature, Indoor air quality, and dust sensing are the main benefits of maintenance. This provides a lot of help to the management as these factors are not controllable by simple hands. A smart hospital will also have the features to get you insights about each and everything in the hospital including the staff members. You don’t have to count equipment in each hospital room. If anything is required in a room then you will have an alert on the dashboard. No one has to take the headache of adding maintenance reports every time it is done. The hospital’s environmental conditions can be maintained easily with the help of all the sensors installed in a smart hospital. There will also be an energy-efficient system in smart hospitals in order to control the lighting system. 

Reduce theft and abuse of hospital equipment

It is often seen that equipment is lost due to theft in hospitals. The equipment is so costly that it can’t be purchased every time, it’s lost. With the devices, you can have the exact location of all the equipment in your hospital. The equipment usage will only be handled by the authorized faculty in the hospital. You will also be able to have insights into equipment usage. There will also be the feature of getting alerts when equipment moves into an unauthorized part of the hospital. It will also track the usage of elevators in a positive way and you will be able to have all the insights related to it. 

Reduce loss of vaccines due to environmental aspects

Along with the different types of equipment, it can also be seen that there is a loss of medicine due to theft or environmental aspects. The high temperature in the pharmacy also leads to the loss of a large number of medicines. Controlling temperature with the help of temperature sensors will lead you to the longevity of medicines. 

Earthquake detection & preventive action

Public and private hospitals will also be able to detect an earthquake and in this way, you can save the lives of so many people by taking preventive measures. Such sensors are installed in big companies and they will be a part of the smart hospitals. You don’t have to worry anymore about handling evacuation after the introduction of such devices or sensors.

Features of the smart hospital technology solutions
Indoor Air quality monitoring in hospitals

The Indoor air quality will be monitored with the help of the inserted devices in the hospital rooms and waiting areas. The management of air quality is the ultimate necessity in order to provide patients with a safe and clean environment. To check the air quality from time to time, the devices will be inserted in the smart hospitals. No one has to worry anymore about the air quality in the hospitals. It is the basic factor of all in a general hospital to prevent the spread of viruses

Temperature / Humidity

Along with the air quality, checking the temperature and humidity of the air in the hospitals is an important thing. The people who come to hospitals are the patients who are not well already and you should not lead them further discomfort. So, the easiest way to control both these factors of room temperature and humidity is the installation of devices in the hospitals and checking it from time to time. In this way, both factors will be manageable in smart hospitals.

Indoor air quality in hospitals help reduce Covid 19

Will, it is good to provide a patient with a dusty environment and put it into another disease who already needs treatment from your hospital. It is not possible to see the dust with your normal eye so here are dust sensors that could be installed in almost every room of the hospital so that no patient can get more sickness just due to the amount of dust in the air. When Indoor Air Quality monitoring can be deployed in the offices then why not in the hospitals which is the ultimate solution to every problem related to our health.

IOT indoor location information & hospital automation

Location information in hospitals is an advanced solution to the growth of the organization. This feature will provide management with information and deeper insights into the hospital. Location information is a good step towards the security and other operations of the hospitals. Therefore, smart hospitals will be the ultimate solution to the everyday problems of not only the patients but also the management. Whether there is a small-sized, medium-sized, or large-sized hospital, the location information detectors will help you in the betterment of security in all ways. You can’t only detect a person’s location but also of all the machinery by installing the sensors in it.

Intruder detection using thermal scanners

In the increasing demand for storing information in hospitals digitally and in the face of potential threats, the intrusion detection system has become a necessity. The security information in the hospitals has made the IDS an essential part of the hospitals. Everyone needs an efficient security system of the hospitals and it is possible with intruder detection. The security information in the hospital when stored digitally leads to the protection of the patients and considered the first step in the security process of the hospitals.

Dashboard visualization software

All the devices that are installed in your hospitals will be connected with the dashboard so as to visualize all the insights on a single screen. These different modules will be connected with a single gateway in order to see the reports on a screen. You can also customize the alerts so as to get the notification whenever there is something wrong with any of the devices. The visualization tool will help you to get real-time insights in just a few minutes. This dashboard visualization will help your hospitals to have a better security system in the best possible way.

What makes us unique in hospital technology solutions?

We provide you with the ultimate solutions for smart healthcare with IOT. It comprises the assets & inventory tracking, faculty insights, dashboard visualization, and indoor positioning & monitoring system. In short, a smart hospital will be the ultimate solution to all the daily problems of hospitals. We have provided you with an overview of a smart hospital by the presentation of this model. It will surely be more beneficial and helpful for the people and the hospital’s faculty in real life. We can provide you with modern and innovative solutions.

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