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Dell EMC / Ripples IoT pte ltd - Wireless indoor positioning, workflow, inventory tracking solutions

Ripples IOT Pte Ltd showcased its latest range of wireless inventory tracking & asset monitoring solutions at the recently concluded Dell IoT EMC embedded workshop held in Bangkok Thailand.

The user-friendly and easy-to-use cloud-enabled, multi-location spares management solution consists of the ready-to-deploy wireless mesh network, Indoor positioning starter kit  Dell IOT edge gateway, data visualization tools, and analytics software.

This robust solution can support up to 100,000 production or spare items and high-value equipment in industries in construction, manufacturing, supply chain logistics & warehousing.

Integration with existing stock management systems and ERP solutions provided using secured Application Programming Interfaces using Data visualization tools

Dell IOT asset tracking on edge devices

With its unique ability to create virtual zones on the shop floor, tracking the movement of objects will help in enhancing workflow aspects in the factory production area or hospital outpatient department.

The waterproof, IP76, and FCC compliant tags can be assigned to trolleys, assets, visitors, workforce, contractors, bins, pallets, etc. Grouping of production stock or inspection teams will help in productivity-related data analytics.

The mesh network solution will greatly assist large teams to handle inventory tracking in the construction industry to bring accountability to prefabricated goods, contract labor, safety, and security.

The deployment can be in horizontal and vertical planes multi-floor maintenance regions, movement of goods on the service elevators, warehouse racking, open-air logistics yards, shipping terminals, repair workshops, maintenance teams, container yards, etc.

The retrofit wireless inventory & asset tracking solutions can be implemented in little time, depending on the area of the layout, the number of inventory items & assets to be tracked, and monitored. Since the deployment involves absolutely no cabling, the ease of getting the system up and running would be a few days

DELL EMC workshop Thailand

Digital twin with Dell IOT EMC

The inventory & asset tracking solution helps in improving traceability, and productivity, and reduced the possibilities of displacement and theft, aiding in batch processing in the production and service environment.

Wireless inventory tracking & asset monitoring.

Call us to know more about IoT platform for warehouse inventory tracking solutions in the manufacturing & services industries. We deploy these through implementation partners in Australia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, the Netherlands, Germany & France.

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