How to install Edge gateway sensor data visualization tools

Dell Edge gateway programming

Yippies !! Ripples IOT Pte ltd is working closely with Dell EMC Singapore to provide data visualization tools, gateway management software, and Bluetooth sensor modules for industrial IOT solutions to run on the Dell edge gateway devices. Meet us at IOT Asia / CeBIT to learn more about Industry 4.0 solutions

Sensor data visualization and notifications

Dell Technologies has unveiled a wide-ranging Internet of Things (IoT) strategy centered around a new specialist division with the aim of helping customers adopt the technology quickly. The IoT solutions division will combine various Dell technology across its business units, such as its Dell edge Gateway hardware and the VMware Pulse IoT Centre, with a range of consulting services to help customers launch IoT projects quickly using Bluetooth Sensor dashboard solutions.

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Product Type: Intel IoT/Embedded
Product Description: Dell Edge Gateway 5000
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Dell edge gateway, Sensor data visualisation tools Singapore

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