IOT in construction industry

Workforce safety, workflow monitoring

Construction & mining industries

Workforce Safety & productivity – IOT in Construction industry, mining, ship building are people-driven, they require increased workplace safety & improved productivity to tide over disruptions faced globally. Tracking of resources and high-value equipment, understanding their utilization, ensuring uptime, etc. An internet of things (IOT) enabled workflow monitoring solution can help provide the right information. This improves workplace safety, productivity and accountability in large industrial projects where manpower & equipment investment runs into millions.

IOT in Construction industry - workforce safety monitoring

physical distancing solutions in construction, mining industry

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Construction site workforce for the new normal
  • Enabling intelligent connected tools by equipping tools with very small tags inside small parts of tools
  • Detect and locate the tool when it is missing at the end of each work phase
  • Ensure automatic worker counting and location for improving worker safety standards at the construction site
  • Automatic detection of unauthorized handling of mining equipment to ensure better usage & longevity of high-value equipment
  • Improve workforce productivity by gaining insights from movement matrices at both construction and mining sites
  • Reduce downtime associated with  equipment by the implementation of wireless sensors capable of generating reports
  • Asset zones can be classified as normal operating zones with those equipment permitted to be simultaneously located within each designated zone.
IOT in construction, mining industry use cases
  • Temperature monitoring with to our active tag, installed on each tooth of tunnel boring machine in mines, under severe temperature conditions (average 60°C with 8 bar pressure)
  • Mining workers can be monitoring for unsafe zones, productivity & safety in real time.
  • Automatic detection of unauthorized exit for handling equipment in a truck at the stations
  • The mining industry can monitor the automatic counting of entrances and exits for workers and vehicles in the construction yard. 
  • All the hand tools used at the construction site have been equipped with very tags inside small parts of tools in order to detect and locate the tool location when it is missing at the end of each work phase.
  • For emergency purposes, all the workers in mining have to be detected, counted, and located in each area of the shipyard or construction towers. The floor tower is being equipped with mesh anchors, enabling them to know in real-time the location of each worker.
  • Bunker beds & dorms are enabled with the mesh network to enforce physical distancing during the quarantine.

IOT in Construction industry - workflow monitoring

Construction industry Operations improvement

Construction site safety standards

Eg ; SS 497 and SS 343 Singapore Standards complement the ACOPs and provide more information and guidelines to the workers. The solution helps implement standards and requirements related to the safe use of equipment for supervisors, safety officers, and workers working in sectors related to cranes.

An easy to deploy solution based on proven technologies can be quickly installed on plant and machinery, structures, inside safety helmets, cement trucks, forklifts, cranes, etc for wireless tracking of location, monitoring of temperature, humidity, pressure, intruder detection, and other factors to understand the behavior that is critical for construction and mining industry safety with the help of real-time data.

IOT in construction management - equipment monitoring

Wireless deployment ensure low cost of ownership
  • Wireless mesh deployment hence negating any connectivity issues occurring due to the subterranean nature of mines
  • Worker RTLS features that help improve total internal efficiency at such construction & mining sites
  • BLE modules that are tailor-made for mining industry application in order to run PoCs for connected workforce
  • Equipment traceability applications to improve productivity & on-time repairs with RTLS
  • Grouping provisions for the workforce to ensure no man is left behind at the end of a shift
  • Automatic detection of unauthorized exit of mining/construction equipment in order to reduce theft
  • Automatic counting of entrances and exits for workers and vehicles in order to maintain automated records
  • Integrated into existing pay-roll modules in order to calculate wages associated with each worker
  • System for automatic recording of visits at points of rounds for security staff within the site using rtls

Ripples IoT pte ltd. Workplace safety monitoring, asset tracking solutions

workforce safety in construction & mining industry, shipyards

IOT in construction industry use cases - asset, equipment, vehicle movement tracking

Our indoor tracking platform with real time dashboard is capable of managing operations from a remote center which creates a better decision-making environment and enables more effective, efficient, and collaborative problem-solving in the case of companies that own multiple mines at various geo-locations

Aiding in timely movement, tracking, and proper installation of prefabricated construction panels using Bluetooth mesh tags that are reusable, easy to deploy inside safety helmets. Having, long battery life, compact in size, and waterproof

Call us to know more about our IOT solutions for construction industry. A scalable, Bluetooth mesh network enabled, all in a box kit for workforce safety monitoring 

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