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Cold chain Monitoring solutions

Cold chain monitoring with best IoT dashboard technology to monitor the transportation of temperature-sensitive products in a cold chain. A cold chain is a supply chain of temperature-sensitive and damageable products such as pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, etc. Many goods can go to waste upon not receiving the optimal temperature conditions. A proper monitoring system is required to reduce the risk of waste and damage. 

Why is cold chain monitoring IoT dashboard needed?

Businesses and companies have products that can go bad with the temperature change, mostly pharmaceuticals, food, and beverage. When temperature-sensitive goods do not receive the optimal temperature they can go to waste, transportation of foul products can tear down a business and ruin its reputation. This created a need for constant monitoring of these products. A GSM-based cold chain traceability solution with Bluetooth sensors solved this problem. 

Important factors

It is important to realize the requirements and considerations for effective cold chain monitoring. Prioritize different conditions based on the kind of products a company offers. Here are some of the factors that make cold chain monitoring effective.

Real-time data with best IoT Dashboard

Real-time data is very valuable for monitoring a cold chain. Temperature is not the only data required for effective monitoring. So many other factors can also affect a product in a bad way. For instance, pharmaceutical vials are fragile and sensitive to vibration, truck suspension or a bumpy road can cause damage to them. Real-time data on all the possible factors affecting your goods ensures good maintenance of your cold chain.

Smaller cold chains in some cases pack their goods individually, this puts the goods at risk of high-temperature excursion. Monitoring the exposure time of these goods to low temperature and their position in large aggregated containers is a part of cold chain traceability monitoring IoT dashboard.

Traceability and transparency

The use of intelligence in monitoring just makes your job a lot easier. The spoilage and waste of products can be saved by using the remote management platform with Teltonika sensors, which measure fuel consumption, temperature, humidity, and other parameters while monitoring. 

Monitoring procedures and methods may sound advanced and complex but a good monitoring system is easy to use and handle. To utilize the full potential of a monitoring system, the user has to understand it completely. That is why a monitoring system should be user-friendly and a secure IoT dashboard.

Bluetooth Low Energy sensors

RipplesIoT advances with its Teltonika & Bluetooth sensor based cold chain traceability dashboard with posses data visualization capabilities. The competency to integrate data, store it on the edge gateway device, and temperature and humidity sensors set RipplesIoT apart from the rest. The data tracker software keeps a keen eye on all the exchange happening. It accurately records temperature traceability, besides as an asset tracking solution.

Ripples - Best IoT dashboard for cold chain monitoring.

RipplesIoT specializes in software that makes your business run smoothly. Cold chain logistics with advanced and user-friendly features ensure the good health of your cold chain supply. 


Data organization and monitoring can be overwhelming but with the right software, you can make this process seamless and smooth. Immediate identification of an issue leads to an immediate solution. Cold chain monitoring saves your products from spoilage and transports them to the customer in the best shape. Good services make a brand renowned using best IoT dashboard solutions. 

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