Cold chain monitoring

Cellular IOT solutions - 3G/4G cold chain, cargo, asset, vehicle monitoring solutions

  • In-transit tracking: Analyze real-time data to optimize the experience of fleet operators and vehicle users with cellular IOT cold chain solutions
  • Logistics: Monitor the environment parameters, tilt and axis movement of vaccines,  perishable and volatile goods
  • Leased Assets tracking: Track your leased equipment and machines anywhere, anytime
  • Self-service – Allowing your customers to directly track the location, condition of shipments

Mobile remote asset tracking & monitoring

Cellular IOT cold chain monitoring solutions

Our Nb-IOT / 3G / 4 G tracking with cellular-enabled solutions can help improve visibility in the supply chain, cold chain & remote infrastructure monitoring.

“.. Now we can track the pharmaceutical vaccine exports all over the world. Thanks to the Ripples Cellular IOT cold chain tracking solutions for cargo”

“.. Our fragile goods were subjected to a lot of rough handling by the logistics companies. Now we are able to measure the cargo handling capabilities of them and deduct fines accordingly”

“.. Cargo theft has reduced by 40% and we recovered the investment on RipplesIOT 3 / 4 G tracking in under 6 months”

“.. Our life-saving vaccines are now constantly monitored for temperature and air quality levels for shipment from Singapore to Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar. Thanks to RipplesIOT 3 G tracking solutions.”

“… Tracking our cargo in remote parts of Africa was always a problem. With the help of the affordable GSM tracking solutions, we have been able to keep the operational costs low”

3 / 4G tracking cellular IOT cold chain solutions for fleet

With over 30 supply chain logistics delivery trucks, the vaccine product team works 5 days a week, manufacturing and supplying their medicines to over 100 specialty pharma distributors across the region on a direct delivery basis. Constant vigil of temperature and humidity-controlled storage units that are located near the pharma retail units, hospitals, laboratories & clinical chains.

Easy to deploy Cellular IOT solutions in supply chain

Ours is a comprehensive offering for tracking and monitoring over cellular devices. Equipped with a weather-proof enclosure and a GPS shield, the 4G tracking system uses the fallback 3G or the 2G transmission protocol to communicate with the cloud and the world in multiple geographies.

The cold chain operations department, located at the city center has a 10 member team to monitor the environment and safe handling of high-value vaccines; their location and inventory management to ensure steady supply based on seasonal demand.  The administrative team supervises packing, order management, accounts payable, receivables, and purchase orders for the raw materials. There is an independent workshop management system, keeping track of en-route theft, monitoring truck routes, fuel consumption, delivery schedules, proof of delivery verification.

The workshop has installed a traditional GPS tracking solution to monitor the movement of all 30 cold chain trailers for operations to ensure safe transportation, handling, and delivery of vaccines to the 100 distributors.

Cellular IOT solutions for  tracking cargo, fleet

The client had problems in getting real-time information on product handling at the time of loading and unloading, wrong deliveries, environment control for temperature & humidity, track & trace from the factory to distribution.

Our wireless sensors and gateway solution for remote asset tracking & monitoring comprises of deployment of long-range, reusable GPS enabled tags on the containers carrying the vaccines. The GSM device integration and real-time capture of vital information ensured complete track and trace of the medicines.

This greatly improved the overall operational control and brought in the much-needed transparency in the system.  The information from all these locations are accumulated cloud-based indoor inventory tracking and data visualization software system allows sharing of information by integrating with their existing logistics management solution.

Cellular IOT solutions cold chain for remote monitoring
  • Reduction in breakage of vaccine bottles
  • Reduction in theft and mishandling of high-value cargo
  • Instant proof of delivery from distributors
  • Improved truck routes and availability information
  • Ensured prescribed temperature control of the goods
  • Provided daily statistics on dispatch and arrival
  • Proper scheduling and time management for trucks
  • Integrated with existing GPS and ERP software

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