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Indoor Positioning Systems

Budget indoor positioning systems are a network of devices interlinked used to track or locate the areas where GPS and satellites lack accuracy or cannot reach at all, for example, stacked buildings, parking lots, basements, airports, and underground locations. Moreover, this article will shed light on the best indoor positioning systems for asset inventory tracking, worker tracking, facilities management using asset tracking software

How do budget indoor positioning systems work?

Indoor positioning technology is similar to a GPS but instead of large-scale outdoor tracking, indoor positioning tracks indoor locations with an accuracy of up to 1.5 square meter. The indoor positioning location data is shown on the shop floor map and these digital maps are helpful in multiple ways such as it aids in asset management, inventory tracking, lone worker safety, workflow management, and employee tracking. As an example, In hospitals, an indoor positioning system enhances and improves workflow management, while in warehouse operations, the inventory management stocktake brings higher accuracy and locating products becomes a lot easier.

We offer a solid infrastructure backbone based on mesh technology, comprising of anchors, tags, sensors and gateway devices which helps in inventory tracking, asset management, safety, productivity and compliance

Asset Inventory Management

Warehouse inventory tracking and monitoring is one of the major functions performed by indoor positioning systems. Location tracking and wireless inventory tags provide the user with real-time location, movement & storage space availability. The detection and management of the availability of the inventory make further processes seamless. 

Production flow in manufacturing

Indoor positioning systems are also business intelligence tools that can deploy many functions and services besides navigation and tracking. The indoor positioning system can ensure lone worker safety, preventing accidents and improving productivity. Indoor positioning is also responsible for improving shop floor efficiency. Installation of an indoor positioning system in your business operations will change your operations management for the better it can save you the cost spent on staff productivity.

Asset management

IoT-enabled asset management system empowers organizations with real-time visibility, data-driven insights, and automation capabilities, leading to improved operational efficiency, cost savings, enhanced safety, and better decision-making. Opting for modern methods has been made a necessity by facilities management. and logistics tracking and forklift tracking in warehouses

Facilities management

Asset tracking in facilities management is an essential component of effective CMMS software. It involves the process of monitoring and managing physical assets within a facility or across multiple facilities. This can include equipment, machinery, tools, furniture, vehicles, and other valuable items that are critical to the operation of the facility. Asset tracking systems can be integrated with maintenance management software to schedule and track maintenance activities. By monitoring the maintenance history, facility managers can ensure assets are serviced regularly, reducing downtime and extending their lifespan.

Improve operational workflow

Hospitals have piles of medical records and operational tasks to fulfill. Sometimes it can get overwhelming for the staff to manage all at once. However, with indoor positioning tracking you can keep track of location data, and measure and adjust patient waiting timings. Timely preventive maintenance & asset tracking in hospitals ensure the safety and recovery of a patient. Surgical workflows are monitored carefully. Patient safety norms, staff productivity, and housekeeping in the operation theatre all these activities can be managed by the Indoor positioning system.

Connected worker tracking

Ready to deploy connected worker platform solution for group activity monitoring, staff tracking, and safety compliance in shipping, construction, mining, and manufacturing industries. The new world normal brings many challenges and changes in monitoring workplace and workforce safety, measuring hygiene, productivity & compliance in industries such as healthcare & pharmaceuticals. 

Best Indoor Positioning System

Indoor asset management solutions have long-range tracking tags deployed for larger areas without complex cabling for indoor and outdoor mapping. Ripples offer an IoT platform tool that can be considered one of the best IPS based on the following merits:

  • No Electrical Interference. Interference wears down the accuracy, reliability & software efficiency
  • RipplesIPs have 0 electrical interference which guarantees smooth workflow management.
  • Can be deployed in larger areas with a long range to track maximum outdoor and indoor locations. 
  • Data visualization tool, this advanced feature rids you of cabling & the layout provides a better sense of understanding
  • Low cost of ownership, accurate, precise management in an economical budget does not sound too bad.


An indoor positioning system for asset tracking in operations management will work for the betterment of your inventory management as well as workers will find it easier to locate inventory bins in the warehouse via digital maps and visualized mapping, reduced stock take, inventory cycle count, and forklift safety tracking. Hospitals will find the solution immensely helpful in ascertaining patient waiting times, which in turn enhances patient safety and patient experience. Indoor positioning systems in a smart factory environment will help in asset tracking, facilities management and workflow monitoring.

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