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Indoor positioning beacons – 10 year battery life.

Warehouse Inventory tracker

Bluetooth mesh beacons for indoor positioning - assets, inventory, forklift, workers

Warehouse Temp & humidity

Ripples IOT - Best Bluetooth mesh indoor monitoring sensors for temperature and humidity

Door bay open / close detection

RipplesIOT - Bluetooth mesh indoor positioning beacons

Construction Worker safety

Ripples-IOT - worker tracking beacons for construction industry

 Acceleration / pressure monitoring

Ripples IOT Bluetooth beacons for indoor positioning, asset, inventory, worker safety tracking

Indoor positioning beacons for tracking & monitoring

Bluetooth mesh beacons for indoor positioning; enable warehouse inventory tracking tags, asset monitoring in hospitals, and worker safety tracking in construction sites and factories. Our cloud-enabled solution is easy to deploy and maintain and has the lowest cost of ownership. Thanks to our engineering skills in simplifying the integration process, the entire deployment over 10,000 sq metre are will be achieved in under 7 days.

Indoor location tracking beacons come with a long battery life of up to 10 years depending on the frequency of data transmission. They also enable temperature humidity monitoring values on the dashboard with alerts and notifications.

Beacons that are ideal for indoor infrared detection of the presence and movement of people in warehouses and factories Its detection distance is adjustable from 10 cm to 5 m on 4 levels and its embedded LED is activated in case of detection

Indoor location tracking with indoor mapping Bluetooth beacon

Indoor location tracking with Bluetooth beacon gives an accuracy of up to 2.5 meters, with the help of mesh technology without any wiring, reducing the cost of ownership, deployment, and maintenance. The capacity of the battery for the Bluetooth indoor tags varies from 2200 mAh to 200 mAh with options for replacement and permanent fixtures. The tags and sensors can be fixed onto moving objects such as trucks, forklifts, wheelchairs, and stationary objects such as bay doors, freezers, equipment panels, etc using double-sided adhesives, screws, or holders. Wireless indoor mapping solutions help in improving productivity & safety.

Beacons are ideal for locating industrial equipment. Its integrated buzzer can be used to remotely trigger an audible alert to warn of potential danger or to refine the location.

Ripples IOT - Bluetooth mesh beacon , indoor positioning systems

Indoor positioning beacons

(use cases for warehouse monitoring, patient safety management, production floor tracking) with an integrated software application that allows the creation of virtual zones on the floor map to accurately locate moving objects. The features include reports, floor plan dashboard, drill-down of objects in each zone, anti-theft detection, intruder detection, time spent report, battery low alerts, 

Bluetooth mesh-enabled beacons can be easily deployed on worker vests, safety helmets, and lanyards. This can help improve safety practices in warehouses, factories, construction sites, mines, and shipyards using indoor positioning software. The RFID / NFC-enabled Bluetooth indoor tracking tags can also be used to detect proximity, check-in, and check-out in industrial zones, interfacing with access control systems. Read about Bluetooth sensors for temperature humidity in large-scale deployment.

Lowest deployment cost with indoor mapping Bluetooth beacon 

Our Indoor location tracking and monitoring solutions are integrated into the mesh network infrastructure developed by Wirepas, the simplest to install and the most competitive on the market. These wireless tags and sensors are integrated with our IOT platform which gives the facility to locate, track and measure parameters relevant to the shop floor operations. The information will help monitor, control, and optimize the movement of inventory and assets using indoor positioning beacons.

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