Easy to deploy Asset utilisation tracking solutions

Ripples IOT Asset utilisation tracking, facilities management for equipment utilization in warehouses, factories, mines, shipyards

Ensuring asset utilisation

Asset utilisation monitoring. Businesses in warehousing, manufacturing, and logistics require sophisticated machinery and heavy cargo-handling equipment to handle humanly impossible tasks. These machineries are all expensive, maintenance intensive, and are considered critical assets. The equipment optimization monitoring of these high-value fixed assets determines the quality of the products and services delivered. So, it is crucial to have these mobile fixed assets regularly monitored and well maintained using reliable asset location tracking & facilities management systems.

Asset utilisation tracking in warehouses and factories

Most of the time accidents, abuse, and theft of machinery and spares go unrecorded. Even though few cases get noticed, the damages caused are not properly assessed, resulting in improper maintenance, shortage of spare, and untimely insurance claims. It causes unexpected breakdowns which result in production delays. This may have a huge effect on the revenue and on the reputation of the company. As the expectations of customers in maintenance & repair tracking are higher, failures can be critical, and, high priority is given to timely and quality delivery.

location tracking and monitoring systems can provide the right degree of asset visibility. The real-time data that mesh devices bring on the condition, performance, and location of assets, can help to reduce the responding time. Proactive maintenance will ensure maximum uptime of critical assets. The insights can also be used to evaluate the vendors and to negotiate the Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC).

Ripples IoT solutions for Asset utilization Tracking enable remote and continuous monitoring of high-value assets. The solution employs smart devices for data acquisition and indoor positioning data analytics for presenting real-time data. The benefits of the solution are

IOT solutions for Asset utilisation tracking & location monitoring

The solution can be deployed on machinery and equipment without any alterations.

  • Goods-in and goods-out
  • Inventory management
  • Picking
  • Sensor data
  • Location data
  • People count and location data

Goods-in and goods-out use cases need more specification. A set of criteria defines whether an asset is considered counted in or out of the inventory once it has been detected entering or leaving the network. 

Once all the assets are tagged including the mesh network connectivity with serialization, they can be automatically counted for inventory. The data flows through the network autonomously to a gateway that forwards the data to a backend system for calculations and analysis.

Asset utilisation tracking for equipment optimization

Using mesh connectivity, the warehouse order handler doesn’t need a printed list, a device, or a map to follow to find the assets in the warehouse.  Thanks to the bi-directional communication possibility of the mesh network connectivity, his hands are totally free for the picking duties.  He can simply walk around the warehouse and pick assets that have an indicator, e.g. an LED light lit on them.

This eliminates the possibility of choosing the wrong asset since each item has an ID and the picking can be assigned in the backend system by ID and then light the LED light on the item’s tag. Every time human error can be reduced, efficiency rises. When talking about people count and location data, it is usually only done in situations where the regulations require this data for The wireless inventory tags, indoor location tracking beacons, and light detection sensors can be configured for communication gateways using Bluetooth Low Energy mesh technology.

“Wireless (RFID tag) temperature sensing of a 33 KV high voltage transformer. Thrilled to see the performance and the immense opportunity it opens for condition monitoring of critical assets like transformers and electrical panels. Thank you.”          —  Balasubramaniam Somasundaram, Plant Engineering & Maintenance, ZF Windpower

Ripples IOT starter kit for asset utilisation tracking and facilities management

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