Great Reasons to Deploy a Machine Downtime Tracking System

RipplesIPS Machine breakdown tracking system

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10 benefits of a machine downtime tracking software

RipplesCMMS: – A machine downtime tracking software with integrated RTLS software on an easy-to-deploy, battery-powered mesh network. Improve productivity using manufacturing downtime tracking solutions, deployed on a wireless mesh network.

Reduced Downtime: By identifying the root causes of downtime through data analysis, companies can take targeted actions to prevent future occurrences. This can involve improving maintenance practices, optimizing production processes, or addressing environmental factors.

Improved Maintenance Strategies: The system tracks downtime events categorized by cause. This allows maintenance teams to shift from reactive repairs to proactive maintenance based on identified vulnerabilities, reducing overall downtime and associated costs.

RipplesIPS - Machine breakdown tracking with RTLS software

RipplesCMMS machine downtime tracking software

Immediate assistance: Paging for technical staff when the machine shows problems or the equipment is down. Wireless panic buttons are deployed on each piece of equipment in the factory. An LED system with color coding is connected to each machine for audio and visual warnings.

Integrated CMMS: The paging system is integrated with RipplesCMMS for immediate tracking of the call, based on priority, factors such as MTBR and MTBF will be automatically computed.

Interactive dashboard: RipplesIPS provides an interactive dashboard with a shop floor layout to easily identify calls, machine uptime, actions taken, and call history for manufacturing downtime monitoring

Cost Savings: Reduced downtime translates directly to increased production output and lower costs associated with lost production time, inventory management, wasted materials, and emergency repairs.

Enhanced Production Planning: Accurate downtime data allows for more realistic production scheduling. This improves efficiency, avoids bottlenecks, and ensures on-time delivery of products.

Better Prioritization of Maintenance Resources: By identifying machines prone to failures, maintenance teams can prioritize their efforts, focusing on critical equipment and preventing breakdowns before they occur.

Improved Labor Efficiency: Knowing exactly when machines are down allows for better allocation of labor. Abnormality managers can be directed to address issues promptly, minimizing idle time and maximizing their productivity.

RipplesCMMS for manufacturing downtime monitoring

Data-Driven Decision Making: The system provides valuable insights into machine performance and downtime patterns. This data can be used to make informed decisions about equipment upgrades, replacement schedules, and resource allocation.

Improved Communication and Collaboration: Downtime data facilitates communication between maintenance teams, production personnel, and management. This fosters collaboration in addressing issues and implementing solutions to minimize downtime in an Industry 4.0 environment.

Continuous Improvement: Downtime tracking systems provide a historical record of machine performance. This data can be used to track trends, identify areas for ongoing improvement, and implement strategies for continuous optimization of production processes.

Other use cases that can be deployed on the same network include pallet tracking, lone worker safety, inventory tracking, implementing FiFo in warehouse and temperature humidity monitoring. Read about CMMS comparison

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