Air quality & safety

Proper ventilation of indoor spaces as a means to reduce exposure to SARS-CoV-2 has received considerable attention – an EU study

Ripples IOT Indoor Air Quality monitoring kit to prevent virus spread

Like most people believe or think, air quality is not just about visible pollutants like smoke or smog. Volatile Organic Compounds popularly abbreviated as VOC is difficult to trace and are extremely dangerous to human health. If exposed to on a daily basis, it can compound long-term health effects and can even hamper day-to-day activities. Hence it is important to monitor VOC and other harmful pollutants on a regular basis in order to ensure a productive industrial work environment.

How Indoor air quality impacts spread of virus

It is an alarming fact that the quality of the air has a large influence on industrial worker productivity. Studies and researches conducted worldwide affirm the fact that worse the air quality, the productivity was directly proportional. Be it ozone levels outdoor or particulate matter (PM) indoors, both had a direct impact on worker efficiency and productivity. Maintaining good indoor air quality should be a priority across industries or verticals and I am sure you also might have felt uneasy while working in an environment with high levels of particulate matter.

Indoor air quality & wellbeing

Though PM concentration level increase is a concern outdoors as well, the effect is much worse indoors due to poor ventilation. The particulate matter compounds are generally undetectable to the human eye but can have an adverse effect on health when inhaled. Most modern buildings are centrally air-conditioned and have generally a sealed environment.

Air quality, infection control, and virus protection

This lack of ventilation will allow the particulate matter to settle inside the space which may be initially unharmful but can be harmful if risen to alarming levels. In most countries, this is becoming a major concern across each industry and vertical. The productivity issue is more so evident in public places such as hospitals, restaurants, warehouses, factories, etc,  where the people move around in a confined area or space. As a result, they are constantly exposed to pollutant matters and thus the risk of virus spread.

Benefits of monitoring Indoor air quality

Most companies still feel that anything related to indoor air quality monitoring improvement is a high-cost technology, and refrain from implementing the same.  But the reality is vastly different, as studies have shown that companies that opted to implement methods to improve indoor air quality have saved close to $20 billion annually due to an increase in productivity. 

Ways of indoor air quality monitoring

The primary aim of any company should be to curb the pollutants in any which way possible. But no matter how much you try to clean your indoors and even HVAC units, there would be a residual particulate matter that affects the air quality. Especially on a factory floor, where there would be work going on 24*7, it is y important to know the level of particulate & CO2 levels at a given point in time. Proper ventilation is extremely important, and one must ensure that there should be a constant flow of air inside the premises. Integrating our sensor modules to existing BMS solutions through the MQTT API will help in controlling exhaust fans and other air control devices.

Global studies have pointed out that indoor air quality can play a big part in improving wellbeing and reduce the spread of viruses and infections. But for that, the organization must have technologies deployed to monitor IAQ values at regular intervals. Indoor air quality monitoring solutions can help you assess vital data which in turn can aid in improving your organization through reduced absenteeism , healthcare costs, loss if productivity etc. To summarize, the better the indoor quality of air, the greater is the workforce productivity and well-being and the reduced risk of infection and virus spread.

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