Justify Need for RTLS Asset tracking in hospitals

Ripples IOT - RTLS asset tracking in hospitals

RTLS Hospital Asset Tracking

RTLS Asset tracking in hospitals, an easy do deploy, network-based business intelligence tool, provides detailed location intelligence on tracked assets. Where GPS fails to function i.e. crowded indoor settings, indoor asset inventory tracking reduces the risk of theft, misplacement, and off-hoarding. Hospitals face issues that can be resolved by using asset tracking. Asset tracking in hospitals has improved efficiencies, reduced patient waiting times, and enhanced patient care. Enhanced services for patients and cutting down on unnecessary expenditures have only been made possible by asset tracking.

Why is Asset Tracking in hospitals ?

Hospitals and healthcare centers face several issues that make it hard for the staff to provide patients with excellent service and care. These issues involve misplacement or theft which puts financial pressure on the hospital. However, these issues can no longer disrupt healthcare management, as hospital asset tracking keeps a record of each piece of equipment. No manual error can occur and there will be no chance of any equipment going missing. 

Asset Tracking performs a ton of functions that benefit the user based on the purpose of use. Here are some of the benefits of asset tracking. 

Patient Tracking in outpatient clinics 

Asset tracking makes it easier for you to find your personnel for providing the best services to your patients. A hospital is crowded with patients and staff at all times. It can be a struggle to look for your patient in this maze, hence, asset tracking tracks your patient and saves you the time and trouble of finding the patient. 

To err is human, it is almost impossible for a human being to be so accurate and precise all the time, however, the maximum level of precision can be achieved by a tracking system. Opting for asset tracking will make your management excel with fewer to no doubts and errors.

Say Goodbye to the Theft of medical devices

Asset tracking adds tracking tags to the inventory, in case of theft these tags can alert you of the misplacement of equipment. One can easily track the assets as they move throughout the facility, and real-time solutions are presented to the inventory. 

Hospitals are a hub of infection and diseases. Hospitals should be sanitized and cleaned properly. People in hospitals be they staff or patients should regularly wash their hands, this reduces the spread of infections. Asset tracking makes sure that everyone washes their hands and takes special care of basic hygiene

RTLS Insights for Business intelligence

Track your assets and gain real-time insights. As in hospital stores, pharmacy, and operation theatres, asset inventory management, and asset tracking provides real-time insight into storage space availability. You can witness how your assets move throughout a workday. 

With everything programmed on your screen, there will be no need to spend on the staff. Automated systems will enable you to cut down on costs and save that money or spend it on your tracking system for an advanced version of management. 

Ripples IoT offers an IOT starter kit with data visualization tools that offer advanced services to run your management at a smooth pace.

Ripples IOT - asset tracking in hospitals


RTLS Asset tracking allows hospitals a deeper insight into their most valuable resources’ movement. This business intelligence tool works as an all-in-one system and shows how your assets are being moved in real-time.