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Ripples-Industrial IOT Solutions

We provide Industrial IOT Solutions for manufacturing and logistics industries enabling business process streamlining and supply chain visibility. This smart industry solution uses ready to use industrial IOT application, wireless sensors and leading data analytics platforms for remote monitoring of equipment, warehouse and supply chain logistics.

Industrial IOT Solutions for Manufacturing

Manufacturing industry is highly competitive demanding innovation, production quality and delivery standards. To meet the market expectations large scale manufacturers depends on sophisticated machines and equipment which delivers precision, speed and volume in production. Dependencies on these machines and equipment has increased the need for immaculate maintenance. Maintaining them in perfect working condition is an added pressure on the manufacturer. Despite all the efforts put in, unexpected failures are still a nightmare in manufacturing. The recent developments in Internet of Things technology has made the manufacturing industry to explore the possibility of Industrial IOT Solutions for optimizing operations.

Industrial IOT solutions opens up endless possibilities in monitoring valuable assets, product operations and supply chain. With sophisticated data capturing devices, even the minutest vibrations of machines and equipment can be identified. Aggregation of such data from shop floor, warehouse and supply chain can bring insights which can transform the way manufacturing units are run and delivery standards are maintained.

Ripples Industrial IOT solutions enable remote monitoring of high value assets, warehouse and supply chain logistics. Ripples combine the power of carefully selected industrial grade hardware and latest software technology to ensure safety, accuracy and scalability. Ripples can be easily configured and installed to your existing machines and equipment to make them smart.

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